Hokkaido Izakaya – A Taste of Hokkaido Dishes

One of the newer izakaya that opened lately, Hokkaido izakaya occupies the space along Tanjong pagar road, welcoming itself to the already populated row of restaurants situated along the area. Specializing in Hokkaido cuisine, the izakaya aims to promote produces from the Northern Japan, tantalizing diners with their tastebuds

The place was filled with many reservations, so much that they didn’t have space to accommodate ours after messing up after reservation


What to accompany our dishes

Scallop Liver Sashimi $9

The scallop liver sashimi was interesting. The slimy texture with a strong seafood taste might not suit well with everyone but the accompaniment of sesame seeds and sesame oil helps to mask it, giving it a different texture and fragrance

Asparagus with Potatoes with Garlic Butter $12

Honestly, I can’t tell what’s the highlight of this dish. It is a very normal dish that tasted like asparagus and potatoes

Uni wrapped with Wagyu Beef $35

I thought the wagyu slices could afford to be more tender. It was slightly chewy though the addition of uni gave it extra flavour

Milk Hotpot with Salmon $18

Given Hokkaido is famous for dairy products, we got the milk hotpot to try and it was really delicious (even when I’m not a fan of milk). The sweetness and milkiness of the broth was well complemented with the fresh vegetables and salmon

Scallops $10

The scallops were sweet though can be a little chewy

Japanese Omelette mixed with Milk $10

Soft and fluffy egg omelette

Potato Croquette $8

Well, this dish actually surprises

I like how crispy it is on the outside with the inside smooth, sweet and blended with the mixture of corn

Grilled Pork Belly Marinated with Sake Miso $12

This is so good you have to order. The pork is grilled to perfection with the meat so tender and the fats melt in your mouth

Hot Soba with Kakiage & Prawn Tempura $14

I actually like their hot soba and breaking the tempura into pieces, soaking up the wonderful broth

Just remember not to soak the broth too much

I actually think their normal menu fares better than their ‘recommended menu’. Even though most of the menu might be repetitive (think potato but different style), the food here is generally decent. A rather promising place, you can consider if you would like to try some cuisine from the Northern Japan

Hokkaido Izakaya

 95 Tanjong Pagar Rd, S(088516)


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