Andong Zzimdak – Korean Braised Chicken Opens in Singapore

Another Korean brand lands in Singapore, and this time is the famous Andong braised chicken from Korea. They even have a poster saying the restaurant is “the same one from Myeongdong” Well, honestly I have not tried Korean’s version but the friend was very excited to try this so here we go!


The place is pretty small and they only sit you when your whole party arrives. They will give you a number and a small piece of paper with the menu written on it so while you are waiting, you can decide what to order. The wait wasn’t too long cos they skipped a lot of numbers before us and since the menu wasn’t that extensive, we made a very quick decision. The waitress then took our paper and lead us to our table. The joke came 20 minutes later when another waitress asked if we are ready to place our order. The friend and I went ‘huh?! you mean our order was not taken?’ Moral of the story: This is not Din Tai Fung style where they take your paper immediately and place the order. Then what’s the point of giving us the paper while waiting?


Kimchi and Pickles


Makgeoli $19.90

The friend needed a drink, and the makgeoli was really good


Boneless Jjimdak (2-3pax) $49.90


The friend was in horror of the price. I was amused by the taste. So I asked if this tasted like the one in Korea. She said it is supposed to be spicier! Honestly, this tasted like oyster + soya sauce braised chicken which I can cook at home. I.don’


Chicken Karaage $9.90

The karaage didn’t leave any lasting impression either

So, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Well I can only say not everything from overseas that opens an outlet in Singapore tastes the same and tastes good. Maybe they forgot to add chili in ours. But it was a case of chicken overload and expectations fell flat

Andong Zzimdak

Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-44F, 252 North Bridge Road Singapore 179103

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