Park Bench Deli – Fancy Sandwiches Off Telok Ayer Street

For those who know Park Bench Deli, they were no strangers to pop-up events and festivals. Now the sandwich shop decides to get a permanent base and what better location in CBD area to cater to those who want an easy takeaway. The shop does not have many places to sit since I believe their aim is to cater more to the takeaway group. A sparse interior and an open kitchen is what you will see once you step inside

Selection is limited but I would say premium gourmet ingredients

So we took the heavy flavoured Cheese Steak and the unconventional Turkey RBC

Cheese Steak $16 (left) Turkey RBC $15 (right)

I agree their use of premium ingredients would probably justify the price of the sandwiches. Their cheese steak was loaded with melted cheese and you can see the abundance of steak in the sandwich. However what I didn’t like was the tendon makes chewing very tiring and the friend said she decided to just swallow the whole thing. After awhile, you will get pretty sick of the cheese steak sandwich. I actually like the turkey sandwich, although simple, boring and not very eye-catching. But I like the crispy bread and the fillings that were marinated nicely

Perhaps we didn’t order the right sandwiches but sad to say both did not blow me away in particular. It’s the kind where I don’t mind trying for the first time but it probably takes a lot of motivation to make me go back for the second time

Park Bench Deli

179 Telok Ayer St, 068627

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