Cicheti – Italian Small Plates with Awesome Pizza in Bugis

It was the friend’s birthday and she wanted Italian. So I chanced upon this place upon googling and decided to give it a try. Located at Kandahar street along with Good & Rich cake shop, it wasn’t difficult to locate. What was surprising was, the place was fully booked such that the only table available for us was located outside the restaurant. Well, we took it anyway since there must be some hype about this place to gather such crowd

Prosecco $55/bottle

What’s Italian food without alcohol? Actually, it was just an excuse to drink ;D

Polpette Di Carne Grana $15

Meatballs w Tomato Sauce & Shaved Grana

We actually wanted their signature Burratina, but the waitress informed us the stocks are not here and they have no idea when will the stocks arrive that day so we skipped it and went for their signature meatballs instead. It may seem like a normal meatball dish, but we enjoyed the succulent meatballs that were full of flavours and the rest really love the sauce. Maybe love is an understatement, they finished the whole bowl of sauce =/

Crostini of The Day $15

Crostini of the day was chicken liver pate and fresh tomatoes. The chicken liver pate was topped with sweet onions that gave an extra texture to the dish. It was a simple but well executed dish. Tomatoes were sweet and fresh and the crostini were nice to munch on

Calamari Fritti w Homemade Breading & Aioli $11

It was interesting to see calamari with almond breading. It gave a surprise to a seemingly boring dish

Pollo $25

Almond Pesto Sauce w Shredded Chicken

I was impressed with the almond pesto sauce. You can taste the sweet basil without being too overpowering and together w the sweet and well-cooked chicken makes you want the pizza for more

Carbonara $23

Cream Sauce, Fior de Latte, Parmesean, Egg & Bacon

The carbonara was really good. The cream sauce was not jelat and topped with the sweet yet savoury bacon was a good combination to the crispy dough. It was delicious

Bismark $23

Tomato sauce w Fior de Latte & Parmesean, Ham, Mushroom & Runny Egg

I think the carbonara pizza was better

Smoked Duck Rigatoni $23

We got this pasta off the menu. What I enjoyed most from this dish was the pasta and the sauce. The rigatoni was fresh and has a nice texture, which could capture the savoury and sweet pasta sauce. The duck on the other hand, was a little tough

Tiramisu $12.50

Salted Chocolate $12.50

Cold-Smoked Cheesecake $12.50

The desserts, in general, were pretty disappointing. Just skip them. Not really worth trying in my opinion =/

I thought this Italian place serves one of the better pizzas around and they had some pretty decent side dishes. I don’t mind coming back to try some of the other dishes. If you happen to be craving for some Italian food, this place is one to consider and the prices here are pretty pocket friendly too


52 Kandahar Street S(198901)

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