Humpback – Come Here For Your Oysters Fix

This place was so new when I tried googling to call them to make a reservation, I can’t even find one. And it turns out it was only the second day of operation when we visited. Trying such a new restaurant can be very challenging and exciting cos first, you don’t know what to expect and second, you don’t know if it will disappoint. But the friend claimed it was a good thing since nobody knows about it yet and we can just happily walk into the restaurant

The team behind Sugarhall and Jigger & Pony brings us a new seafood specialty restaurant that focuses on oysters from the USA. We had all 3 breeds of oysters that day cos we really wanted to find out how they tasted

Watermelon Sangria $22

China-moni $22

Though the drinks were helmed Sugarhall drinks master, we find the drinks lacking in taste and surprise. And the first thing that came to mind was, we missed BSK’s gin-based cocktails

Oysters from Kumamoto, Shigoku Fat Bastard & Totten Inlet $6 each

Kumamoto, also known as the aristocrats of oysters are petite in size. Meat is firm, has deep cups and contains lots of nectar

Shigoku Fat Bastard, my favourite of the lot. Meat is clean and smooth and has a creamier finish with a refreshing taste

Totten Inlet, fairly big in size with deep cuts and probably the creamiest of the lot. Known to leave a seaweed taste, it was too big for my small mouth to handle

Calamari $14

Potato, Crazy water & Fried Capers

We read the description and like huh? Crazy water? But despite that, it didn’t stop us from ordering and I’m glad we did. The calarmari was lovely, deep fried to crispiness on the outside and smooth and chewy on the inside. We love the potato, it was pretty delicious and drizzled with the appetising sauce, the dish was flavourful, rich and playful

Pork Collar $16

We decided to order a meat dish to try and we went with the pork collar. The pork collar was cooked perfectly and had a nice texture. Pairing with the sweet pair and orange glaze gave a sweet finish to the dish. Overall, it was a decent dish

The highlight of this place was the oysters, which were fresh and you can taste the lingering taste of the sea. I think their sides were worth trying, though portion isn’t very big but it was enough to fill us and still leaving some space for desserts. Though a very new restaurant, I see some promise in them


20 Bukit Pasoh Road S(089834)

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