Ginza Kuroson – Revamped Level 3 of Ngee Ann City

Went to Orchard to find Z for lunch and we decided to visit the newly opened Ginza Kuroson at Ngee Ann City. The place was pretty packed with reservations for lunch, so if you happen to be going down, remember to make one too. And since it was lunch, we decided to try their famous Ryoshi-Gokai Nagekomi Don which we spotted a few customers beside us all having the same thing

Complimentary Appetizers – Salad & Broiled Dish of Seaweed & Chicken

Ryoshi-Gokai Nagekomi Don $22

Basically, it’s chirashi-don

I think the chirashi don was just okay. The fish didn’t really blow me away. I think they lack a certain sweetness you get from fresh sashimi but I was pleased with the variety of selection they gave. It’s not a everyday affair you see anago eel in a chirashi but the rice was pretty good. The pearl-like rice was cooked with perfection and I think you actually get the sweetness from the rice more than the fish =x

It’s a place to consider if you just looking for alternatives to dine at Ngee Ann City but well, I will look elsewhere for my chirashi craving

Ginza Kuroson

Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road

#03-10 S(238873)

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