Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining – Bluefin Tuna Takes Centre Stage

Suntec City’s Eat at Seven is a cluster of 7 restaurants located at the newest Sky Garden. Brought in by ANA, yes the airline, there are currently 4 restaurants which are opened for operation. I gave the friend the option to choose between sushi and yakiniku and he chose the former so Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining it shall be (omg, the name is super long lah). It was still relatively quiet and empty since the opening is still in its soft phase and probably cos not many will venture that part of Suntec City yet

Other than the table with a big crowd, we are probably the next noisiest table considering the restaurant was empty which was pretty nice given the servers can give you the full attention. There are plenty of seats available and you can also choose to seat the counter if you like

Otokoyama Tokubetsu Junmai $65

Starting off the party with a bottle of sake

Udoufu $12

This mini tofu pot takes the longest time to cook ever. By the time the fire went out, the stems of the greens were still hard. That aside, the flavor of the soup was really light. It is probably recommended for the health conscious or those on diet

Rainbow Half Roll $8

Maguro, squid, white fish, shrimp, crab, avocado, egg

The rainbow roll was unfortunately forgettable

(From left) Hon Maguro Otoro $35, Hon Maguro Kamatoro Aburi $8, Unagi Kabayaki $8

Probably my favourite part of the dinner. The otoro was melt-in-the-mouth kind of awesome, the kamatoro was lovely with the sweetness of the aburi-ed tuna and the unagi has the full flavor of the marinated eel. The rice lacked the vinegar and softness of sushi rice but I thought overall, the nigiri sushi was pretty decent

Kaisen Don $19

Bara Chirashi Don $16

The bara chirashi has the freshness of the various sashimi and I thought it was reasonably priced

Salmon Ikura Don $16

Mitsuinokotobuki Junmaiginjo $78

Halfway through, we decided to get a second bottle

Maguro cheek karaage $14

And I decided we need some more food to go along. So here comes my first try of fried tuna cheek. This was an interesting dish which was well-executed. It has the crispiness of a karaage but the softness of the fish which tasted somewhat like chicken. I think it was a good side to go along with drinks

I would say the menu in general is pretty focused on maguro related dishes. Do not expect a variety of Japanese fare since this place is a bluefin tuna specialized restaurant. Though I think their nigiri sushi are pretty worth trying. A promising place for those who loves tuna and I would say their prices are pretty reasonable too

Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining

Eat at Seven, 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-310

Suntec City Mall, S(038983)

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