496. FYR Cycene ond Drinc

FYR Cycene ond Drinc, when I first stared at the name, it sounds so confusing I decided to just call it F-Y-R. It was only later on I found out it’s pronounced as Fire Kitchen and Drink, like what seriously..

Okay back to topic, it’s a new place at Boon Tat street. We walked past one day on the way back to office and decided to give it a try the next occasion. The place was empty when we reached, like we were really the first customers and they had changed their lunch menu (how disappointing). We really wanted to try their steaks but could only settle for their lunch set, which we eventually ordered

The whole place gave a rustic feel, which was different

So yes, it was a 3 course meal which we took one selection each so that we can compare and contrast. The dishes here are infused with Asian-European fusion which we were interested to see how it’s like

Baked Aubergine & Chickpea Ragout

The friend took the chickpea ragout which was a dish centred around chickpeas which you will love it if you enjoy eating chickpeas. That aside, it has a strong Indian cuisine flavour to it and it is filling after awhile

Roasted US Bay Scallops

The scallops were gigantic no doubt. But the taste fell flat. I couldn’t taste the sweetness of the scallops and I don’t get how the sauces go with one another

Seafood Linguine

The friend said the linguine was decent. I thought it was a good plate of normal linguine that actually whets your appetite

Roasted Five-Space Half Chicken

The chicken was very delicious. Tender, succulent and greatly infused with the spices, it tasted charred and smoked amidst the sweetness of the chicken meat. Pairing with the chilli sauce was great, but this dish stands out on its own as well, without much condiments needed

Baked Pistachio Melt & Pandan Icecream

The pandan flavour was very strong, and very sweet. In fact, it might be too sweet for me. But nevertheless, it was one of the better performing dishes of the afternoon

Exotic Fresh Fruits & Basil Icecream

The exotic fruits looked exotic and tasted exotic. A mixture of berries, pineapples and longans cooked in a acidic syrup, topped with basil ice-cream was an interesting combination to end the meal. I mean most desserts would end up sweet. It is actually refreshing to have a sour one for a change

The coffee was pretty good though, nutty with a hint of chocolate which we love it very much

I think they have their hits and misses. Portion is pretty generous but the wait gets very long. We were the first customers and we waited at least half an hour for each course to be served. Can you imagine those who came late? Not sure if it’s a manpower issue but for lunch time crowd – people normally want their food served fast and quick. This 3 course meal took us 2 hours which was super long. Being a new place,  i think it’s promising, though they pretty much have to tweak a little here and there

FYR Cycene ond Drinc

19 Boon Tat Street S(069619)

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