Travelogue: Hong Kong Day 2 (Ichiran Ramen, Via Tokyo, Dimdimsum Dim Sum, Chung Kee Desserts)

The benefit of staying at a home; we get free breakfast every morning and also home cooked birds nest for desserts. Not that we don’t go out to eat breakfast, it just adds on to the number of meals we had each day =x Today we wanted to try Ichiran ramen, so we made our way to Causeway Bay. We were fortunate we went early so it wasn’t that crowded and get to enjoy our ramen in the quiet environment

Good Morning Day 2!

You customize your whole bowl of ramen from literally everything and I chose flavor strength: medium, richness: light, garlic: regular, green onions: thin green onions, pork: with, red sauce: none, noodles texture: normal, with additional seaweed and egg! How can you eat ramen without egg right?

This water tap is actually pretty lame. It says “Press the tap for a delicious drink” so we thought it’s some cool drink. In the end, it was just normal tap water =.=

My customised ramen: HK$111

I think we probably made the right decision to try Ichiran. This bowl of ramen is so delicious it easily beats any ramen shop in Singapore. You can taste the flavors of the pork in the broth and the q-ness of the noodles complement it well. The soup is so good you probably have no qualms finishing it. The charsiu is a little thin but it is tender and has the right amount of fats. Well, they failed the egg test though. It wasn’t too runny and more cooked in fact. I think this place is the closest you get to Japan. How I missed the ramen already!

Ichiran Ramen

Lockhart House Block B, 440-446 Jaffe Road, Hong Kong

We combed Causeway Bay on the way to Via Tokyo for desserts and eventually decided that we needed a rest. Via Tokyo is located at this super typical run-down old Hong Kong building that you will least expect to find a dessert place. It’s quite interesting how cafes have progressed to be located anyway and everywhere

Ding ding ding!

Via Tokyo, is really very small, like much smaller than other places we have been to. And the place fills up easily during peak period. We were lucky to get a cosy corner to enjoy our desserts

Hojicha Latte HK$32

Best hojicha latte I tasted, with super cute latte art too

Green Tea Latte HK$32

I prefer my hojicha. The green tea latte somehow didn’t bring out the full green tea taste

3 flavour waffle cup: Hokkaido Milk, Uji Matcha, Royal Milk Tea HK$55

Without a doubt, this place serves really good green tea desserts. We unanimously vote the green tea as our favourite. I like the royal milk tea too, though as compared it pales a little. The ice cream here is rich and creamy and maybe a little soft serve-like. We felt like we were on cloud nine just eating this

Via Tokyo

1A-1B, G/F., Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road Causeway Bay

We decided to visit Stanley market cos I have never been there before so we took a bus (小巴) from Causeway Bay. The bus ride was super fast and bumpy and.. scary. And you have to tell the driver when you want to alight. I was observing what the locals said when they alighted but somehow everyone said different things, to the point I can’t copy and paste since well, I don’t speak Cantonese. So the stress begins. Thankfully the driver knew that we wanted to go to Stanley (miraculously) and asked if we wanted to alight at the next stop and I nodded my head (lol)

Stanley is a very touristy place. The market has nothing much but they do have lots of restaurants lining the waterfront, which was very nice to chill and enjoy your meal away. We even saw people taking their wedding photos at Stanley! We took our time to enjoy the breeze before hopping on to our next destination

Kids from international school playing soccer

ootd: Top from Topshop, Shorts from Miss Selfridge

Dinner was planned at Dimdimsum Dim sum so we took a walk at the wet market nearby

Hong Kong’s vibrant wet market life

We had a communication breakdown while meeting our friend for dim sum dinner, cos he thought we wanted to go to Jordan outlet but we went to Wan Chai instead. So while rushing to meet him, we witnessed a very strange exchange. This uncle was walking towards our direction but when the two young girls infront of us passed him, he smiled to himself and followed behind them instead (ohmygoodness). So scary…

Okay back to dinner, Dimdimsum Dim Sum Specialty Store 點點心點心專門店 had 2 outlets, with Jordan being its first outlet. The friend wanted to try this cos it is different from your usual dim sum places. Their menu speaks of traditional dim sum but also incorporates novelty and creativity

Pepper Duck Pastry 胡椒火鸭酥饼 HK$22

It’s a spin off from baked char siu pastry. Pastry was nice but I can’t really taste the duck

Pan Fried Carrot Cake 香煎萝卜糕 HK$22

A very good normal plate of carrot cake which was sweet and smooth and crispy

Fried Wasabi Dumplings 芥末咸水角 HK$19

Would recommend this dish. It’s crispy, soft and has a kick when the wasabi hits your palate. I can still vividly remember the wasabi kick in my mouth

Black Truffle Xiao Long Bao 黑松露小笼包 HK$22

There’s no taste of black truffle, and, I think DTF does it better

Har Gao 晶莹鲜虾饺 HK$28

I prefer my har gao skin to be thinner. The skin here is more chewy but the prawns were big and succulent

Siew Mai 蟹子烧卖皇 HK$25

The meat was chewy and sweet and juicy

Custard Bun 金沙肥猪仔 HK$20

A very cute custard bun dish which I will totally order again. The custard was smooth and had a good balance of sweet and saltiness

Steamed Fish Maw w Fish Belly and Cheese 芝士百花饢鱼肚 HK$26

Best dish of the night. It’s so good you have to order this to try it out

Rice Dumpling w You Tiao and Prawns 脆皮鲜虾肠 HK$28

You have a combination of the thin rice dumpling roll, the deep fried you tiao and the fresh and sweet prawns

I thought their novelty dim sum won more brownie points from me. I’m not too sure if they were too focused on being creative, to the point they neglected their good old traditional dim sum or maybe, they were not that strong a contender in that area in the first place though for the price we paid, it is really pretty cheap

Dimdimsum Dim Sum Specialty Store

G/F, Man Wah Building, 23 Man Ying Street, Jordan

We walked to Chung Kee Desserts 松記糖水 for desserts which was crazily packed and squeezy. In all honesty, there was nothing special about their desserts, or that’s what I feel. They have a long list of desserts though, maybe that’s the catch but I think quality matters more than quantity

Mango Chestnut Pomelo HK$25

It was normal, but nothing special

Black Sesame with Tau Huey HK$22

We ordered the hot version. The combination was just weird. It felt like the black sesame and tau huey were competing for our attention separately and cannot co-exist together

I think you can find better dessert stores in Hong Kong, with a belief there’s an abundance of them anyway

Chung Kee Desserts

Shop 23, Parkes Street, Jordan

Ended the night with drinks at Lyndhurst Terrace which we took a very long to reach (all thanks to R who insisted he is walking the right way). It was a random bar cos we had none in mind, with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a random cocktail 🙂

Life in Hong Kong, awesome like that

Read here for Day 1; Capital Cafe, Star Cafe, Teakha, Little Bao

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  1. Gabi says:

    That ramen… Where there is good food there are always great memories 😃


  2. The food looks delicious.


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