Yakitori Shirokane Tori-Tama

It has been a very tiring week, so much that the friend decided we needed to unwind over some sake. So Z suggested Shirokane cos her boss is a regular there and they served some mean yakitori and sake. The place was packed, and you probably can’t get a table without a reservation. There were lots of Japanese patrons there and expats alike, and I was excited to try the food already

Gasanryu Kisaragi Daijin Jou

We asked the friendly waiter to recommend and he got us this. I really like it. It was smooth, fruity and really easy to drink

Mizuna Salad

The salad was a good appetizer, simple yet delicious


Beef Tongue

This beef tongue, is so delicious! But Z wasn’t a fan of tongue so I had it all to myself. Yay

Pork Belly

The pork belly was pretty forgettable though. You cannot blame the shop since it specializes in chicken parts =/


I think this was my second time having cartilage. I won’t say I love it, but I’m starting to get used to it. The cartilage here actually tasted pretty decent. This was the only exciting chicken part we got, cos we got no heart to try all others. Haha

Chicken Skin & Chicken Thigh

I think the best tasting dish of the night goes to this wonderfully grilled chicken skin. It tasted crispy, soft and encompasses both sweet and saltiness. The chicken thigh was pretty good too, though it pales in comparison to the skin


Shitake Mushrooms

Midjoint Wings

Another dish I’ll recommend. The wings took long to come, but it’s worth the wait. The meat is grilled to perfect tenderness, and marinated beautifully to let you savour how a chicken wing should taste like

Complimentary chicken soup to end the meal

The chicken soup speaks volume of the long hour simmering where you can taste the chicken essence in it. Milky, sweet and very shiok

We adjourned to the sake bar next door after dinner (it’s under the same house). It’s pretty amazing how the bar gets really packed after awhile. Even though they are under the same management, but the food served is different. They have their own bar snacks where you can enjoy oden (which proved to be a really popular dish to order) and stingray fin! So, we got ourselves another bottle (ha) and simply enjoyed the night away

Stringray Fins

I think stingray fin goes really well with alcohol

If you just want to have sake and not yakitori, you can do so too but remember to make reservations cos this place is really popular. And they have limited seats, so most customers just stand around to drink. It’s a good place for yakitori and sake, and I’ll totally recommend if you are looking for one

Shirokane Tori-Tama / Orihara Liquor Shop & Bar

11 Unity Street, S(237995)

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