Travelogue: Hong Kong Day 3 (Lan Fong Yuen, Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant, Aqua Spirit Bar)

It’s rise and shine day 3 for a planned hike at Lamma island. We had actually wanted to hike from somewhere to Tai O fishing village but it will take us 6 hours, so we decided against it (lol).

Brunch was at Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園 located near the mid level escalator at Central. Even though we were pretty early, there was already a line sprouting out of the cafe but thankfully, the queue moved pretty fast under the very unfriendly ordering of the staffs

Very, very packed

And very famous

It took us pretty fast to decide what we wanted to eat, cos we pretty much wanted everything since we were so hungry. I guess I’m thankful my friend is a Hong Konger cos I would think the staffs wouldn’t be so unfriendly to one. Eating here is just so stressful cos everything is so fast paced and they will kind of chase you away when you are done (like really very stressful) and scold you if you take the wrong order


Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 丝袜奶茶 HK$18

The milk tea comes with no sugar added so you have to add your own. The milk tea actually tasted pretty normal, it wasn’t that extraordinary that you have to get one

Ice Yuen Yang 鸳鸯 HK$18

Traditional French Toast w Kaya 传统咖央西多士 HK$16

The French Toast was one of their signature dishes. Coated with a thin layer of egg, you can taste the fragrance of the egg and butter, accompanied by the kaya sandwiched in between the two slices of toast

Authentic Pork Chop Bun 金牌猪扒包 HK$17

Supposedly another one of their signature. I thought the pork chop bun was pretty normal. The thin pork chop didn’t have that kind of fragrance and flavour I was expecting. It was just a normal pork chop bun

Hong Kong Crispy Bun 香脆奶油猪仔包 HK$10

This is sooo good! The bun was toasted really crisp and the condensed milk over the buttered bun was just heaven. It’s so delicious we were considering buying a few more for takeaways for the hike

Chicken Chop w Spring Onions Noodles 葱油鸡扒捞丁 HK$28

Another one of our favourites. The chicken chop was pan fried to perfection and the spring onions with the noodles was the best combination ever. The fragrance of the spring onion oil drizzled over the instant noodles gave a lift to the whole flavour of the dish

Brunch was a really happy affair, that kept our tummy filled and satisfied till we finished our hike

Lan Fong Yuen

2 Gage Street, Central

The friend planned our hiking trip, to take a ferry from Star Ferry terminal where there was a super long queue that day, to Yung Shue Wan 榕树湾 where the hike supposed to start. The village has lots of small shops where you can eat and shop there

Very happy with their icecream

It was a very cloudy day which thankfully provided much shelter so we don’t die under the heat. Visited the Lamma windmill where we were welcomed by a company of dogs, and we just walked along the designated path to the end. There were so many people hiking we didn’t have to worry about not following the route. Don’t worry about being hungry along the way cos there are lots of food and drinks establishments like tau huey, ice creams etc. The thing that may concern you is probably the lack of toilets

The Windmill

Hello furry friend

The hike actually took only 3 hours or maybe less than that. It was very manageable and I thought it was just a good way to do something different (other than eating)

An inside joke on our perception of hiking – The serious hiker, the casual trekker and the lost tourist

Dinner was at Jade Garden Chinese restaurant 翠园, frequented by R’s family. They like the place for the fresh use of ingredients and good quality chinese dishes, and invited us to join them

Popped by Pierme Hemme cos we were so hungry. We finished this box in 2 minutes. The macarons, somehow were not consistent. Some of the pastry were actually soft instead of being crispy. It was strange, cos we brought them seconds ago and ate immediately outside the shop. Will try the originals in Europe!

Okay, back to dinner

Kailan in Superior Broth

I enjoyed drinking the broth more than eating the vegetables

Braised Tofu

The tofu was good. Smooth and silky and soaked up in the delicious sauce

Peking Duck 金陵片皮鴨

I thought the Peking Duck was too oily, even though it is one of their signature dishes. I would prefer Paradise Pavilion anytime

Vermicelli with Abalone and Crab Meat 鮑魚銀絲煲

This dish tasted fantastic initially but as it progress with time, it gets more salty each time you eat

This venue is also a popular choice for wedding banquets, according to the parents. I would think the food is decent, but not worth coming specially all the way for, though we are not complaining for the free treat we get 😀

Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant

4/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Spent the next hour just roaming around Tsim Sha Tsui before settling at Aqua Spirit Bar. Located on the 29th-30th floor of One Peking, it’s supposedly one of Hong Kong best bars and spots the best view of the city

ootd: ASOS

I totally agree with the view part. It was simply breathtaking

We waited abit before we managed to get a table cos the place was just packed with foreigners. It feels like a Soho bar, with its own personality, where the rich and famous gather (we do spot some rich people there, whether they are famous I don’t know)

I think the drinks here are pretty awesome. They are generous with the alcohol but still able to bring the cocktail to a sophisticated level

And then the clock strikes 12. My surprise came. It was an expensive tiramisu dessert, according to the friends. So I finished it all not cos it was expensive, but it was also really delicious. Ha

One year older!

I later found out how they planned this surprise and it was quite funny..

I would say Aqua Spirit Bar is a place to visit, for its ambience, its view and their pretty good cocktails. Though it might not come cheap

Aqua Spirit Bar

29-30th Floor, One Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

The next few hours was spent bar hopping, drinking some more and playing darts where the friend got into a heated argument with a drunkard. It was like a all-hell-break-loose moment. And queuing for cabs ended up witnessing a fight between a group of foreigners and gangsters, to the point we were surrounded by police. It was a very exciting 3 hours start to my birthday.


First time playing and I won consecutively 3 times! Whoohoo, call this beginner’s luck 😉

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