498. Tburu Japanese Restaurant

Tburu, literally pronounced as T-bu-ru, is located at the new Orchard Gateway@Emerald (the one across 313). The only way up to the restaurant is by taking the lift up next to Crate & Barrel, and is the only restaurant on the level. Being new, and us being early is pretty intimidating cos you know everyone’s attention is on you. I like the environment of the place, big, spacious and very bright and the space between each table gives you enough privacy

All the different glasses

Umeshu and Japanese Green Tea

We wanted to get sake, but they had run out of it so normal green tea it shall be

We took a long time to decide cos the food menu is so extensive and over the course of ordering, upon the advice of the very friendly and knowledgeable staff, here’s our dinner for the night

Complimentary appetizer

Which has the plum kind of sourness

Fisherman Moriawase $38

He actually recommended the Zeitaku Moriawase (6 kinds of sashimi) that comes with premium ootoro cos it’s more suitable for a larger group, but since only 3 of us eat sashimi, we decided against it. That being said, the sashimi was really sweet and fresh, and has the smooth and silky texture when you chew into it

Kanpachi Carpaccio $22

Kanpachi Ikura Carpaccio w Truffle Oil

We were actually contemplating whether to get the kanpachi carpaccio cos we were attracted to the description of truffle oil. And the staff said, if you come tburu, you must try the kanpachi carpaccio. Okay, we are sold. Ha, such easy customers. The kanpachi carpaccio was worth the recommendation. Each slice of Amberjack fish was sliced so consistently, paired with truffle oil and ikura was just an explosion in your mouth. You can taste the beautiful flavours on the palate

Ootoro $26

I wanted to give the ootoro a try. The ootoro was pretty decent. It has the right amount of fats so the fish melts in your mouth when you chew them. Even the friend who only takes salmon nodded her head in agreement

Chawanmushi $8

So soft and silky it felt like tofu

Sake Mentaiko (2 pieces) $14

I thought the salmon mentaiko was decent, but only if you can’t think of anything else to order

Sake Aburi Kawa Maki $14

Aburi & Salmon Skin Roll w Mentaiko Mayo

I would recommend the maki more than the aburi salmon mentaiko, only cos there is the addition of the crispy salmon skin that you get to enjoy the different texture of the dish

Anago Maki $28

Fish Tempura Roll Topped w Green Onions & Shiso

The aburi salmon roll left a deeper impression on me

Chicken Skin w Meat ($5/pc) and Mentaiko Tori ($5/pc)

The chicken skin with meat was delicious, grilled perfectly with the right balance of sweet and saltiness. The mentaiko tori was pretty good too but if I were to choose between the two, the former takes the prize

Iberico Buta Jaw $18

We wanted to order the black pork belly, and it was sold out so he recommended the jaw or collar since apparently that was what they were famous for. So while we were deciding between the jaw and collar, he asked us to get both and so, we really did

Iberico Buta Collar $16

I would prefer the jaw though, somehow the collar just didn’t really appeal to me

Crispy Squid $16

Lightly deep fried to golden brown, it has the right flavour and crispness. It felt like a squid tempura than a calamari, served with a very delicious tempura dipping sauce

Dan Dan Somen $14

The dan dan somen was one of our favourites. It isn’t exactly a Japanese dish but they have executed this very well. The broth was flavorful, infused with the pork flavour and the noodles had the right firmness

No desserts cos they had run out of desserts. I’m quite amazed how they had run out/sold out many of their items by like…. 6pm? So they advised us to reserve the items when we called to reserve a table, like huh?? So yes, for those those who are interested, please call to reserve their popular items. One on the list is the wagyu oyster, which apparently also sells out quite fast. That being said, I like how the service here is attentive and friendly and how they serve our dishes in accordance to the flavours (like from sashimi, to sushi, to lastly the noodles). I think the food here is worth coming back for, and they have an omakase promotion going on right now till end of May which goes for $50++. Please note this applies to lunch, and also all guests being seated by 730pm for dinner service, including weekends

Tburu Japanese Restaurant

218 Orchard Road #05-01, Orchard Gateway @ Emerald Singapore (238851)

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