Travelogue: Hong Kong Day 4 (Sun Kwai Gee Congee, Le Port Parfumé, Le Soleil, Sugar Desserts)

It’s our final full day in Hong Kong and the friend cracked his brain to figure where to bring us, cos we have already been to Hong Kong so many times. We went to Sham Shui Po in the morning to have a typical Hong Kong style breakfast which is pretty known for their fried dough wrapped in rice roll dumpling, 炸两!

Sun Kwai Gee Congee 新貴記粥品店

Good to be early since we can slowly savour our breakfast

Boat Congee 挺仔粥 HK$13

They have a generous amount of ingredients, like a true Hong Kong style boat congee

Sliced Beef Congee 滑牛粥 HK$21

Think you can find the best Canton style congee in Hong Kong. We preferred the beef one cos you can taste the flavour of the beef in the porridge, though the meat can still be more tender. It was a little too chewy for me

Fried Dough w Rice Roll Dumpling 炸两 HK$9

It was kind of disappointing honestly. The dough would be nice if its hot. Somehow this came cold and drenched with the sauce, it became soggy

Fried Dough HK$6, Soya Bean Milk HK$5

But that did not stop us from ordering another piece, to be eaten with soya bean milk. This is called greediness. We were so full after that we couldn’t finish lunch

Breakfast was really filling, and it is something different for a change instead of the usual buns and noodles. But whether I”ll come back here again, nah, maybe not but I have to say, this morning’s breakfast is dirt cheap

Sun Kwai Gee Congee

136A Camp Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

We walked Cheung Sha Wan road which was a wholesale fashion street, which nothing caught our eye, and then moved on to Toy street which was just next lane away. They have all sorts of toys there and would be a heaven for kids, like seriously

ootd: Top from The Tinsel Rack, Skirt from ASOS

Dropped by Classified for coffee before lunch just cos we couldn’t try their brunch. This is a result of too little time, too many food places to try

Ice Latte HK$35

I like their coffee, well, at least much better than The Coffee Academics. Cheaper as well, comparatively

Happy us!


108 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

Trying to be editorial

Lunch was pretty close by, and started a hilarious start to my birthday lunch where the friends tried to distract me/making me sit back-facing prior to my cake coming out. They knew I love French, so they picked Le Port Parfumé, which was known for the fresh French seafood. It was a choice between 2- and 3- course set menu and since all of us were so full, we took the 2 course meal HK$178

A very Bistro Du Vin feel

Complimentary Bread

Which nobody touched

Entree: French Melon w Bayonne Ham Salad

This is the French version of parma ham. I felt that Bayonne ham doesn’t taste as salty and coupled with the rock melon gave a good balance between the sweetness and saltiness

Entree: Brandade Soft Egg

An interesting combination of soft egg, mashed cod and thin toast. Bistro Du Vin under Les Amis group served the same dish once, not sure if they still serve it now. It feels like something for breakfast with eggs and hollandaise sauce. I guess the best moment is when you slice the egg into half and watch the yolk oozing out. It’s a delight not only for the eyes but palate as well


Entree: Clams A La Plancha (+HK$30)

The server recommended this dish so we took his advice. The clams were fresh, very sweet and in every shell, you can find the meat in it. It’s not like those spoilt clams where you spent half the time opening the shells. The sauce was beautiful, sweet with flavours of herbs. It’s the only entree that we forced ourselves to finish it cos it was that good. Even the couple who came in after us couldn’t resist ordering this after seeing it on our table

Principals: Oven Baked Sea Bass w Ratatouille & Quinoa

The sea bass somehow didn’t go very well for me. A little fishy, and nobody really liked the quinoa. Why did we order this? Beats me, should have gone for the pork cheek instead

Principals: Jasper Grilled Poussin Harissa w Sucrine (+HK$30)

This main was probably the only redemption. The choice of using a young chicken stood out with its tenderness and I enjoyed the hotness with the use of hot peppers

Principals: Grilled USDA Prime Ribeye & Fries (+HK$70)

A very disappointing steak. Ordered medium rare but I thought it was more than medium. Can you tell from the picture? Very chewy, and not very tender. Booo

My birthday dessert! The floating island, just an explosion of everything sweet

Love my very cute friends who planned this 😉

Le Port Parfumé has its hits and misses. It might not serve the best French fare around, but the portion undoubtedly is very generous. I think their entree itself can be a main and their mains can be shared between 2. And top off with their friendly service, it can still be one to visit if only you are in the area

Le Port Parfumé

6 Kau U Fong, Hong Kong

We took a cab to Horizon Plaza, a 28-floor building consisting of furniture and branded boutiques that sells their stuffs at discounted price. How much discount? A YSL Betty clutch goes at HK$3400 and a VB dress retailing at 21K selling at ~3K, still expensive to my standard =/ so we didn’t buy much there. But if you are prepared to spend there, I think you can get good savings if you go at the right time. Right after that, we met our dear Hong Kong friends for dinner, who we have known for 8 years. Dinner was at D’s hotel, a restaurant called Le Soleil, famous for their Vietnamese cuisine. I think our food itinerary this time round really goes in all direction in terms of cuisine

The restaurant was located at the third floor, overlooking the main lobby and there was a live band that night, that sang very very well

As usual, we always make them decide

Complimentary Prawn Crackers

Very addictive

Crispy Fried Saigon Spring Rolls, Seafood Pomelo Salad, Rice Paper Roll w Pork Fillet, Steamed Rice Flour Pouches w Minced Pork and Dried Shrimp

The one that left the most impression on me was the rice flour pouch. The rest were just pretty normal

Grilled King Prawn in Garlic Butter

Black Truffle Scallop

Unfortunately, we couldn’t really taste the black truffle. Scallops, however were nicely done

Roasted Suckling Pig w Spring Onion Sauce

The suckling pig was sinfully delicious. Skin was crispy and crackling (with oil), meat was tender and juicy and to top it off with the spring onion sauce gave the dish a different flavour

Crispy Beef Brisket in Curry Sauce

It was something different. It sounded like a fusion dish with the curry involved. The different layers of the beef, batter and curry altogether was a delight to feast upon

Vietnamese Beef Noodles in Soup

Seafood w Rice Noodles in Tomato Soup

This was very appetizing. The sourness in the tomato sauce was balanced by the sweetness of the seafood and egg, and we all agreed it’s nicer than the pho

Desserts was this delicious kueh with coconut milk and coffee creme brûlée, which was pretty good! I like the kueh especially

And then..

They surprised me with a cake. A full cake with a very cute Easter egg no less. I honestly was touched beyond words

Very thankful and blessed for this bunch of people 😉

Sometimes the greatest gift is to be happy, be content and be loved – words spoken by a wise person (me)

Cream Cheese Cake

D says his hotel is very famous for their cakes so he took the liberty of choosing this cream cheese cake, which was in fact, really delicious. The cheese was light, combined with the cream cheese was heaven. There was a good balance of flavours between the two and you don’t feel sick after eating it. The other friend was like, I’m coming to your hotel to get cakes from now on. Hahaha

No, we didn’t finish the whole cake even though it was that good. We shared half of it with the staffs at the restaurant

We concluded our dinner with drinks at Shangri La, which was just opposite. It is always nice catching up with them and I think we are thankful that we still meet up even now, and they always played hosts to us (aka refusing our payment)

Le Soleil

3/F, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Z wanted to make full use of our last night so, guess what we did? We went for desserts after a very filling dinner and drinks. #hownottogetfat R drove us out and wanted to try this particular place near his place but unfortunately, it was closed. So we ended up at this random dessert store called Sugar Desserts 小方糖甜品 that sprouted a long queue. And I said, okay let’s join them

And so, this started our desserts galore. They wanted to order everything on the menu (ohmygoodness) but the rational me stopped them. lol

Mango Milie-feuille 黄金拿破伦 HK$33

The pastry was light and crispy. What makes it addictive was the addition of the whipped cream, that tasted so light and sweet and the combination of the mango

Sesame Dumpling w Sugar 糖不甩 HK$18

This was my favourite. The dumplings were warm and chewy and goes well with the sugared peanuts

Red Bean Grass Jelly & Tofu Pudding w Icecream 风花雪 HK$28

Z’s favourite. She loves the tofu pudding

Durian & Rice Ball 紫留心中 HK$40

The durian and rice ball was delicious as well, only cos they used coconut milk that makes it sooo sinful. And the durian was creamy and sweet

Sugar Overdose

It’s amazing how we manage to finish everything on the table. I would totally recommend this dessert place to anyone. Forget Chung Kee Desserts and Xu Liu Shan, come here ok?

Sugar Desserts

23 Lung Kong Rd, Hong Kong

That concludes the whole trip, which was memorable and nowhere short of awesome 🙂

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