499. Mad About Sucre

Mad About Sucre, a cafe that has been highly raved about in the community, and was possibly questioned if it’s the best cafe of the year. So with so much hype, the friend and I made our way down. We were very early so we waited for the shop to be opened. And the owners apologised to us for having to wait outside. The cafe was elegant with colours of black and white that took over the interior. The front of the shop has many displays of customised cakes, which was too pretty to eat actually

So cute right

The cakes here are all lovingly done by chef Lena who was trained in Paris and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu

They have a selection of 5 cakes on display and we got all 5 to try, where we got the respective tea to go along as well (under the recommendation of the owner). The cakes were served in accordance of the flavours, from the lightest to the heaviest, so first up!

Moulin Rouge

Tibetan Camomile, an assortment of Japanese green tea, lemon and mint

Slightly-charred Caramel Mousse, Walnut Parfait, Savore Sponge, Sweet Short Pastry

The cake was infused with a light caramel taste which was sweet yet charred. And the inspiration came from Moulin Rouge, hence the name and the idea to smoke the caramel

We enjoy how the cream fuse so well together, and the almond crisps were a delight to eat with as it gave the cake a different texture

Coco Citrus

Light Coconut Mousse, Light Lemon Curd, Crystal Drops

Inspired from a white dome church in Montmarte, the lemon curd takes centre stage and the flavour ends off with the light coconut mousse. It’s very interesting how the palate takes the punch from the lemon first followed by the sweet coconut. The melted sugar adds a whole new texture to the cake, which was lovely to indulge in

Mudan Tea with Tropical Basil and Lemongrass

Bush Tea; Cambodian Pineapple, Mango and Lemonpeel


Passionfruit Cheesecake

This was my favourite. 4 layers of cheese and passionfruit, the flavours were just so beautiful. What’s interesting was there was a hint of pineapple even though they did not add any pineapple to it. And the use of coco husk, making it edible, was just smart  and surprising


Vanilla Cream, Strawberry Vodka Cream, Strawberry Coulis, Raspberry Glaze, White Chocolate Coated Almond Crisps

This will be my least favourite cos it was the least surprising. There was rarely any taste of vodka cos they used expensive vodka but there was a slight bitter aftertaste

Berry Tea with Camomile

San Domingue

70% cocoa, Rum Jewel Box, Caramelized Plantain, Vanilla Creme, Brittany Crunch

It somewhat tasted like banana chocolate cake. The banana was very smooth and we like the choice of chocolate was sweet and not bitter. The owner proudly claimed there was no sugar added to this cake. It was au natural yo

Green Tea with Mint and Spice

Our favourite tea

How much we like it here? Very much, so much that it’s gonna be my favourite patisserie from now on. We came with high expectations and I’m glad they managed to meet it. The place is small and the cakes sold out very fast. So when you reserve a table, you have to reserve their cakes as well. Nope, I’m totally serious.

But I have to say by the time you read this post, they would have a new menu launched. And I’m excited to try them already.

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Rd, 088334

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