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Adding 2 more collection to my Chirashi hunt. First up, Boton Japanese restaurant at Capital Square was easy access from the office with the downtown line nearby. So decided on lunch there where I decided to try their Chirashi bento set

The friend ordered the soba and tenpura set

And I had the Chirashi Bento Set

which really had too much food

I think their bentos here are really value for money though their Chirashi is definitely not one of the best. But given their selection and quantity of food they served, it is definitely one of the better Japanese restaurant to visit for lunch if your Japanese food craving sets in

Decided to have Chirashi after gym so I popped by Far East Plaza to try Wasabi Tei. The place was surprisingly empty for lunch and the boss told me they will be busier for dinner. So I anticipated the Chirashi they gonna serve since I’ve heard they are pretty famous for that

I have the whole place to myself

Appetizer: Stewed Salmon

Chirashi Don πŸ™‚

They serve generous portion of sashimi but the squid was tough and the tamago was bad. I was pretty disappointed cos it was pretty expensive too. I think with a couple more dollars, I can actually enjoy the same fare of better quality at Aoki. After the meal I was telling my friend about my visit to Wasabi Tei and to my horror, I actually visited the fake Wasabi Tei. #ohmygoodness So apparently there are 2 Wasabi Tei at the same floor which is near each other. #whysoconfusing 😦 Okay, nvm. I will try the real one next time

So anyway this is my collection of Chirashi journey part 1 πŸ™‚ My favourite from this lot gotta be the one from.. Standing Sushi Bar *claps* Worst performing? Well, Itacho Sushi =/

My winning picture for L’eclair Patisserie which I got myself another box of 8

Another picture cos I thought this was a pretty good shot too

YAY πŸ™‚

Lunch at Ritz Carlton for business lunch

Lemon Confit Salmon w Spiced Eggplant and Sesame Yuzu Dressing

The salmon was nothing to rave about,

Spiced Chicken Thigh and Portobello Mushroom

The chicken was forgettable,

White Chocolate Mousse w Raspberries

And the mousse was just horrible :X

At Ritz Carlton again, for the second consecutive lunch

Pan Roasted Seabass and Lobster Fennel Nage

This had a fishy taste

Milk Chocolate w Candied Chestnut

And the dessert was too sweet

I felt like the standard dropped way too much

Next at Mandarin Oriental

Baked Codfish

Lychee Velvet Mousse Cake

MO did a little bit better though we have negative responses about the desserts but since these are free lunches, I can’t really complain much. ha #theonlyperkofmyjob

The best kind of friend hand carried Sadaharu Aoki macarons all the way from Tokyo for me. #supertouched Love these macarons too much #notsharingatall #mybearissupercute

Jumped on the bandwagon and tried Honey Creme cos the whole world is eating it. They tasted like Mcdonald’s icecream cone #seriously #macsischeaper

Wanted to dog-nap this puppy cos it’s way too cute. Bumped into it while we were shopping in Bangkok

Zichar lunch at Segar Restaurant at Chinatown Point, which was pretty damn good

Had a colleague’s daughter 1 year old birthday buffet lunch at The Westin – Seasonal Taste

The whole restaurant was ours

Salad station

And you have your usual fresh Seafood selection

Though they were near nowhere good

Sushi was just sad. The rice was a little hard for sushi rice. I think Cold Storage serves better sushi =/

I guess the best part about the buffet was you can create your own pasta

Roast for meat lovers

And the dessert station

In all honestly, the food was mediocre and pretty much forgettable. They probably just look pretty, and just pretty enough for the pictures but not for the palate

They hired a Balloon artist to entertain the kids, or guests

And since there was a kid in me, I took a photo with the reindeer happily πŸ˜€

And just a small balloon flower to bring home

Tried this Wasabi Kit Kat which really tasted like Wasabi, but just a little too creamy

Lunch at The Daily Cut. Tried the grilled chicken thigh this time round. Though it was good, but I think their steaks are the best. It is so delicious you have to give it a try!

ootd for a friend’s wedding: Jumpsuit and necklace from Miss Selfridge

ootd for birthday dinner: Top from Asos, Skirt from Thread Theory

ootd for birthday lunch: Dress from Asos, necklace from Miss Selfridge

ootd for friend’s wedding: Top from Smoochthelabel, Skirt from The Tinsel Rack, Necklace from Miss Selfridge

So much laughter when you are with them. Girlfriends ❀

Dropped by Patisserie G to have coffee and cakes with the mum. I really love their coffee for having a smooth, velvety and nutty finish


Flat White

Hazelnut Opera

Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse with Berries

It’s a good place for afternoon tea, for some good cakes and coffee to keep your tummy happy though it can get pretty crowded at times. But for a cafe located in a shopping mall, it is one of the better cafes around (comparatively)

The friend bought a Christmas rainbow log cake for our party, which was just too pretty πŸ™‚

Prepared a feast on Christmas Eve for the family. Okay it doesn’t look like much effort, but the process of creating this dinner was humongous. haha πŸ˜‰

Spicy Prawn Linguine

Wanted to cook crayfish, but.. CS didn’t sell so oh wells

Honey Glazed Pork Ribs w Tossed Salad

And sushi and sashimi which was yums max

Mont Blanc log from Flor Patisserie


Chocolates from Ferrero, which you cannot find in any shop in Singapore. The Ferrero pop-up store is specially here for this Christmas period located outside Wisma so I got myself some to try

Merry Christmas Everybody! πŸ™‚

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