464. Club Meatballs

The friend and I were wondering what to eat for lunch cos we had run out of ideas and then this place came to mind. I thought they were only opened for dinner but I was surprised they were opened for lunch when I walked past one day. So I suggested to the friend and here we are, at Club Meatballs. Club Meatballs is different kind of concept where they served everything or mostly all dishes with something related to meatballs. For lunch it’s simpler, it’s either meatballs on subs or with wraps or meatballs with salad

The Italian

Pork & Fennel Balls, Oregano Infused Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Arugula

The Italian was really good. You felt like you were eating a pizza. I love how the meatballs here are all freshly made (which explains for the long waiting time) but they were tender, succulent and juicy

The Spanish

Wagyu Balls, Sobrassada, Blue Cheese, Green chillis, Roasted Onions

The friend enjoyed the Spanish very much too. She was like wah, this is very good. This is really very good. The onions and chillis gave the whole dish a different texture while the flavour on the whole was just pretty explosive

The salad was tossed. It’s not just a bunch of unflavoured vegetables

Pimp My Salad

You can choose what you want for your bowl of a hearty salad, and every topping/selection you make will be chargeable at an amount. So the more toppings you choose, the more expensive your salad gonna be

Fresh Salmon & Coriander Balls w Arugula, Sauteed Mushrooms, 65 degree egg & Basil and Pinenut Pesto

I love how firm the balls were and yet you can still taste the distinct taste of salmon which was sweet & fresh. The basil and pine nut pesto was splendid to go with, which makes the whole salad really delicious

Wagyu and Rosemary Meatballs, Brown Rice, Mixed Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes & Olive Oil and Lemon Dressing

The wagyu and rosemary meatballs were lovely. I like how the meat was moist and firm and the rosemary complement it very well

I think they pretty much set the standard for lunch. It would be very interesting to see what they could serve for dinner. I heard a few interesting items like risotto with meatballs. Now, that’s one to try.

Club Meatballs

#01-35 China Square Central

20 Cross Street, Singapore 048422

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