465. Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte, a cute name for a restaurant, simply means “Wait for a moment” in Japanese. The place opened not too long ago and I’m already planning my second visit. It’s a very small place though and the interior can only sit 12 pax, plus another 4 at the counter. And the best thing about this is you can visit Strangers’ Reunion after the meal for some waffles since they are just few shops away.

They have a selection of sake and Japanese whiskey but they don’t have what we wanted so we finally ordered what they have after the third try. Honestly, if you don’t have them, don’t put it on the menu. It makes you look silly and  the customer frustrated

Complimentary Edamame

Cold edamame which tasted alright. Not really a fan of them anyway

Wagyu Foagura Fried Rice

This is sooo good. You can taste the sweetness and fragrance of the rice together with the meat that was cooked perfectly

Wagyu Yakitori

I thought the wagyu yakitori was pretty decent with the meat grilled to the right tenderness

Shake Harasu

Salmon belly which was too salty, and nothing special

Ebi Kawa

Prawns with chicken skin, sinfully delicious

Hotate Foagura

This dish was a little too oily and too overwhelming. Wouldn’t give it a second try

Buta Kakuni

This pork belly was one of the highlights of the night. The fats and meat was tender and smooth and just amazing with the sauce

Okay you can’t really see the meat but this is really good

Spider Maki

Soft Shell Crab roll

Aburi Salmon Maki

I think the rolls are normal, they are just good enough to fill your stomach if you are still feeling hungry

It’s always scary to try a new Japanese restaurant cos it can either go damn bad or super awesome, especially since you have (very) picky friends. Chotto Matte wouldn’t be at the worser end of the spectrum but I really like their rice bowls and yakitori and probably I will order their Buta Kakuni again. Hopefully I will have better surprises the next time when I’m there

Ending the meal with a picture of the birthday girl! 🙂

Chotto Matte

54 Blair Road, #01-01 S(089954)

And also, the night with waffles from Strangers Reunion, just cos there’s always space for dessert

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