466. No Menu Bar

No Menu Bar is the casual sister of No Menu restaurant, which sits side by side along Boon Tat street. The place is crowded during lunch serving simple quick fare but dinner brings out a whole full menu. Don’t brush off the place just cos it’s kopitiam kind of setting cos, the food is simply delicious and stunning. We lost count of the house reds and sangria we ordered, but the drinks were as enjoyable as the food


I thought the bread could be a little warmer and crispier but the side with the red chili was really good. The spice and the meat pair well together which gave a kick in your mouth when you bite into it

Burrata w Parma Ham

I’m not usually a fan of cheese, but you know a good cheese when you meet them. And this was definitely of the better Burrata cheese that I’ve come across. The cheese was creamy yet light with a good balance. Eating it with parma ham was just simply delicious

Fried Calamari

The squid was fresh and cooked to the right chewiness. It was one good plate of calamari

Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Oregano & Basil Leaves

Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Mushroom, Cooked Ham, Artichokes, Olives & Oregano

I love how generous they are with the mozzarella. The pizza crust was thin and crispy and you can taste the sweetness of the tomato sauce when you chew into them

Mushroom Risotto

I thought the risotto was just a normal good plate of risotto, which pales in comparison to their delicious pastas

Kurobuta Pork Ragu Spaghetti

The pork ragu was tender and flavourful with the cheese freshly grated infront of us

Sea Urchin Spaghetti

Though it was a creamy and rich plate of spaghetti, the flavours were really beautiful and we couldn’t stop raving about it. I like how it was not too heavy that you will feel gelat after that

I think we ordered almost everything off the desserts menu, thanks to me (ha) but hey, no regrets! The desserts were excellent 🙂


Lime Tart

Vanilla Ice Cream

Peaches in Syrup w Vanilla Ice Cream

Apple Cake

The desserts, overall were really good. I think commendable mention has to go to the lime tart and apple cake. The lime tart has the right punch of acidity. So for those who don’t really have a sweet tooth, the lime tart is a pretty good option. And the table really loves the apple cake. You would kind of expect something like an apple tart but nope, this is really a cake and it’s really very good


And complimentary meringue to end the meal. The meringue has the right amount of sweetness and I like how light it is that you cannot stop popping into your mouth

I’m glad the Osvaldo group launched a more casual and affordable concept like No Menu Bar, which one can enjoy good old traditional Italian food at night and a twist on tradition in the day. For those who have visited the place for lunch, do drop by for dinner to indulge in some Italian hospitality which is simple, yet charming.

And with this, I dedicate this post to the closure of 2014. Happy New Year everybody! 🙂

No Menu Bar

7/9/11/15 Boon Tat Street

Singapore 069619

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