436. Les Bouchons @ Robertson Quay

My team celebrated my farewell for me and I get to pick the place! Actually most of the times no matter who I dine with, I always pick the place (hahaha) So I decided to have steak for dinner and here we are at Les Bouchons. We chose the Robertson Quay outlet for its laid-back ambience and roomier space as compared to its Ann Siang outlet. The restaurant was surprisingly small and what caught our eye was this.

It felt like phantom of the opera

Complimentary Bread

The bread was a little hard and not very warm

Burgundy Escargots with Garlic Butter

Escargots were soft and chewy. The taste of garlic butter had a very buttery flavour which musk the taste of the escargots but yet it was not too oily

Terrine Maison with Pork & Chicken Liver

The idea of eating chicken and pork liver might not be welcoming to some but this is a good plate of terrine maison. The texture was blended well so you don’t taste the sandy residue and the flavour of the terrine was smooth and sweet. If you have a strong heart, do give this a try

Smoked Salmon with Toast

The smoked salmon, toast & dressing may look pretty ordinary on its own but when you pair all 3 together, it was excellent. The sweetness of the smoked salmon complemented the burnt and warm toast but what makes the whole dish so amazing was the dressing. It was light and acidic with bits of onions in it. This was the table’s favourite

And what’s steaks without wine? We started with the pinot on the right before going on to the one on the left. I prefer pinot for its lighter taste as compared to a full bodied red wine but the cabernet sauvignon was pretty good here

 A platter of mustard

I love the dijon and grain that goes well with the fries

The complimentary salad was nothing to rave about. It was a pretty ordinary bowl of vegetables

Extra Tender Beef Fillet

Most of the table chose this 200g of fillet since it’s the smallest piece of meat

Grilled Sirloin Steak with Herbs

But I decided to try the sirloin

In medium rare doneness

There wasn’t much taste of the herbs but the doneness of the meat was executed just right. The sirloin was juicy and meaty with an aftertaste of the oily meat circulating in your mouth

Grilled Rib Eye Steak with ‘Vigneron’ Butter

Can I add the amount of fries they give is horrifying. The fries were decent but I think adding some mustard to it would be better

Creme Brulee

Peche Melba

Ile Flottante Maison

The desserts, if you finished all 3, you probably die of diabetics. Saying the desserts were sweet is an understatement. I would recommend ile flottante if I have to pick one out of the 3. I think it’s something different and I like how the meringue goes with the vanilla custard and topping it off with the almonds to give it a different texture

Les Bouchons is not one of those premium steakhouse in Singapore so don’t expect premium quality. But I think for the standard of the food you have here, the price is pretty reasonable. It is definitely more pocket friendly if you are looking for steaks that are good and cheap in Singapore.

Les Bouchons

41 Robertson Quay S(238236)

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  1. pearlsbounce says:

    The steak and wine look yum!! I still haven’t gotten round to trying Les Bouchons! Need to go now!!


    1. irisslove says:

      Yes! Go try!


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