Snaps! Memories from my trusty iPhone!

ootd: Girl Boss Jumpsuit in Hot Pink from Thetinselrack

Sunday Blooms

I love having fresh flowers at home so this is my first attempt at floral arrangement. Well, not bad right? 😉

Having dessserts at Oso Ristorante @ Bukit Pasoh Road cos we just need a dessert place to go to. Probably one of the most artistically presented Tiramisu and it tasted delicious too

Cos one wasn’t enough, we ordered oven-baked Miele Cake which tasted damn weird #seriouslyregretting

Specially ordered a chocolate fudge birthday cake from Matt’s The Chocolate Shop cos being ordinary is too mainstream

Having desserts at Miam Miam to try their french toasts. The toasts were pretty good. It was eggy and burnt though a little dry. I just don’t appreciate the cream on top of it

Just cos I thought my Kate Spade clutch needed a feature

It’s too cute, so it deserved another shot

ootd: Laser cut dress from Asos; Clutch from Issey Miyake

A combination of my favourite items

Friend’s birthday lunch @ Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant (Tampines 1). I think dim sum at IT beats CJ

A coffee break @ Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe for 3 adults after playing with a 2 year old kid for 2 hours. We were drained out. hahaha #seriouslynokidding

I love Wang Dae Bak. It will always be one of my all-time favourite Korean restaurants

Do you know Pastamania serve Vietnamese cuisine? The only outlet that does that is the one at CPF building. And if I may add I was pleasantly surprised by their Vietnamese food

The day we had Macs for breakfast and KFC Feast for lunch. #cholesterolhitheroof

Thai Dinner @ Rochor Thai. It was salty and not spicy and nowhere near awesome #justforgetit

Chocolate Crepe Cake @ Ninethirty By Awfully Chocolate. I think Lady M has nicer crepe cakes

No, I have graduated long ago but we waited for everyone else to finally graduate before we took our convocation shoot together #isomewhatmissschool

Lunch @ Kinki. Not your usual Japanese restaurant

Bara Chirashi Set

I have a personal mission to try all the chirashi in Singapore. It will take some time. hahaha

The bara chirashi at Kinki was pretty good. It was lightly marinated with soya sauce but you can still taste the sweetness and freshness of the fish. The egg could be a little sweeter & more fragrant but it was generally good, especially with the mixture of the salmon roes. Though the wasabi and ginger wasn’t that great. The salad was decent but the desserts wasn’t worth the calories and the soup, just average

Chilling @ Bitters & Love. This time round I asked for a dessert cocktail and they gave me sorbet 😀

One of the worst kept secret that is slowly leaking

But it’s still worth a trip

Hang in there for the revieiws 🙂


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