437. Fung Ding Hung Restaurant

This place that I’m reviewing today is a little different. It offers a whole menu of nutritional food that is tailored to improve your health. Fung Ding Hung Restaurant located at Rendezvous gallery is a little hidden. You will probably not notice it if not for the Teo Heng KTV next door or unless you are specifically going there for a meal. And besides, the restaurant looks empty from outside so you probably will not give it a second thought.

It’s so quiet you can go without reservations and stay there all night

Young Pumpkin Slices in Passionfruit Sauce

We ordered 2 pots of tea to start with and here’s the complimentary starter. The pumpkin slices are rather interesting as it tastes similar to mango. The passionfruit sauce was a little sour but when complemented with the pumpkin, it actually works

(Left) Eight Treasures Tea: Rejuvenates qi and blood, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar

(Right) Tianqi Stress-Relieving Tea: Dispels heat and relieves stress

I prefer the 8 Treasure Tea cos it was sweeter. Tianqi on the other hand tasted very light but I guess if you want to relieve stress, you should order it 😀

Crispy Whitebait with Danggui and Seven Spices

Benefits: Nourishes the spleen & stomach

I didn’t really like this cos I thought it was a little oily and I can’t really taste the danggui in it

Pan-fried Cod Fish w Celery Sauce

Benefits: Prevents cardiovascular disease

The fish was executed well. It was crispy and soft. The celery sauce was good. You can’t taste the raw celery (for those who hate celery) but the crunchiness of the vegetables gave a different texture when paired with the fish. The pink dressing is beetroot sauce. It’s all naturally made with no artificial flavouring. It is one dish worth ordering

Braised Sea Cucumber w Pork Tendons in Oyster Sauce

Benefits: Nourishment for balance of Yin and Yang and beautifies skin

The sea cucumber was cooked well to the right softness though I have to add this was a pretty forgettable dish. Execution was done well but the whole dish was not worth remembering

Steamed Sakura Chicken w Cordyceps Flowers & Mushrooms

Benefits: Nourishes the liver and kidney, dispels asthenic heat & has a beautifying effect

The chicken was amazing. It was really smooth and tender. I love how flavourful the mushrooms are and the gravy was perfect. It felt like you can drink the whole plate off

Deep Fried Frog Legs in Kung Pao Sauce

The frog legs are really good too. It was very crispy on the outside. It felt like you are eating the skin of a fried chicken but the meat was soft and sweet.

Charcoal Beancurd Braised w Bamboo Fungus & Pine Mushrooms

Benefits: Improves complexion and nourishes the brain

The beancurd was made using soy bean and also using charcoal to infuse the flavour which explains the black colour. I don’t think there was a very strong taste of charcoal but the texture of the beancurd was definitely different, well in a good way. What I enjoy here was the pine mushrooms, although just mushrooms, was strangely addictive

Braised Loofah w Chinese Mushrooms

Benefits: Clears passage & dispels asthenic heat

It is my first time eating Loofah. I have no idea what that is. Well, it tastes like.. big white cabbage, just soft and sweet. I think what makes this dish stands out was the broth. It was another dish that got us licking off our spoon

Crispy Noodle w Fresh Prawn in Superior Sauce

This was one of their new dishes. It was.. nothing special

Complimentary Dessert: Double-boiled Snow Pear w Winter Melon

Benefits: Improves complexion

The dessert was actually quite nice. You can taste the bits of pear in this small cup of sweetness and it was not overly sweet which was good

This place might felt like ze char to you. Undeniably, it can be seen this way. But it is probably one of the very few ze char places that tailored each dish to suit your health needs. The food here is generally well received but I guess it is probably their location that has such low traffic. If you want to try something different in a quiet environment, I do recommend this place.

Fung Ding Hung Restaurant

Rendezvous Gallery #02-01

9 Bras Basah Road S(189559)

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