435. Alt. Pizza @ Suntec City Mall

We were looking for a place near our friend’s service to have lunch so here we are at Alt Pizza at the newly renovated Tower 3/4 area. Finding this place took awhile as the location clearly states Tower 4 but we couldn’t find any pizza place located at level 1. It then dawned on us to walk outside and take a look so here it is! This part of Suntec was a ghost town considering it was a weekend – there was really not much human traffic. Anyway we were glad we could pretty much have the whole place to ourselves.

A bright & happy pizza place that reminds me of a typical dine-in restaurant

Well you can choose to have one from their signature pizzas or DIY to one you like. We chose the former. Even though the latter sounds fun, we figured it will probably ended up being more expensive if we gonna add every other thing on the pizza

Idaho Spud Cheddar Fries

Steak fries with cheese and bacon. It was deliciously sinful. It would be good if they could given more bacon and cheese. The whole table liked this alot

Alt. Wings w Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

The wings were really good. We were contemplating whether to choose BBQ or blue cheese sauce and decided to go with something different. A wise choice indeed. The hot sauce on the wings complemented the blue cheese really well. We were tempted to get a second basket

They serve thin crust pizzas here and all come in one size – 11 inch

Free Bird

White sauce & chipotle chicken. This was my least favourite. The chicken was a little dry and bland and the sauce of the pizza was not strong enough

Alpha Lima Tango

Smoked BBQ sauce & wagyu short rib meatballs. I’m not too sure of the wagyu but the meatballs were tender and juicy. I like how the bbq sauce made the pizza really appetising and together with the smoked cheddar, it was perfect

Truffle Shuffle

The aroma of the truffle got us excited. The roasted mushrooms were sweet and flavourful. The minced sausage and parmesan added icing to the cake. It was one good pizza

I generally enjoy the pizzas here. The dough of the pizza was thin and chewy and the crust was crispy but not hard. I like how they are generous with their toppings and you can taste the freshness of it. The price here is pretty reasonable as well. It’s one place I don’t mind going back if I’m craving for thin crust pizzas.

Alt. Pizza

Suntec City Tower 4, #01-602

3 Temasek Boulevard S(038983)

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