427. Zafferano @ Ocean Financial Centre

It was my celebratory lunch and we settled on Zafferano since I had never been there before. Located at the 43rd floor of Ocean Financial Centre, it was a restaurant with a view. I like how the bar takes centre-stage and reflects the grandeur of it. I’m surprised the menu changes weekly so what you read now might not be available by the time you go but I guess some of their signature would probably remains.

Warm loaf of complimentary bread. I like how the bread is herbed and tasted as good on its own without the vinegar

Antipasti: Bisque of Langoustine scented w Orange & Dill

It’s always on the menu, well at least there’s what I’ve seen from 3 menus consecutively. And it has every reason to be. The soup was very flavourful. You can taste the seafood in the broth and the langoustine was perfect, sweet & succulent. The picture might not say alot but I recommend this starter

Secondi: Oven-baked Alantic Cod ‘Guazzetto’ Style, Olives & Capers

Cod is always on the gourmet lunch menu, but it differs with the method of cooking & the choice of vegetables used each time. I didn’t really particular enjoy the cod. It was okay, nothing fantastic and the broth was a little strange.

Secondi: Black Angus Beef Striploin ‘Tagliata’ Style, Roasted Potatoes & Red Onions

The chef recommended medium (even though we are medium-rare lovers). I have to say, they recommended well and the colleague loves it. And we were lucky to have beef in our menu when we were there since I’ve seen the choice of lamb (rather than beef) has appeared a couple of times. Looking at this, I felt like having some of it right now. hee

Rose & Lychee Pound Cake, Yoghurt Raspberry Mousse & Jelly

It’s not a dessert I will order again. There is a faint taste of rose in the pound cake with lychee as its base but the raspberry mousse was too overpowering. I felt like there was too much acidity in this dessert.

That being said, I thought Zafferano serves pretty decent food and definitely a good place to have business lunch


10 Collyer Quay, S(049315)

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