426. The Cajun Kings

The Cajun Kings is a place you probably don’t want to bring your first date to, or had a first date there. Messy, unglam and simply licking your fingers is the way to enjoy the food here. And the seafood, well they only serve mostly seafood, comes in a gigantic big plastic bag that is so zor-teng (such a hindrance) we poured everything out on the table. I mean, it’s supposed to be like that right? haha

It is surprisingly crowded

And a place for you to wash up after eating

Tools, condiments and aprons for those who wore white to eat

Buttermilk Frog Legs

I was a little surprised by the size. Since when frog legs are so huge?! Hmmm anyways, they really taste like fried chicken. The meat was juicy and tender and the batter was marinated well

We had 1 crab and 8 prawns, with King’s mix and 2 crowns of spiciness

We got so irritated with the plastic bag we poured everything out. Seriously they should consider halving the length of the plastic bag

The sauce was spicy, with lots of flavours and spice but we got sick of the taste after awhile. So we went for garlic butter next

And this time, just 8 prawns. Cos there was not much meat in the crab and it was simply too troublesome. We preferred the garlic butter sauce, lighter, sweeter & very fragrant.

The Cajun Kings were rather disappointing. If the whole point was to throw shells on the table, isn’t it the same if you had gone to a coffeeshop and have ze char? Just well, you know, bring your own plastic bag. Having paid close to $200 for the whole meal was simply not worth it, and honestly not satisfying.

The Cajun Kings

15 Jalan Riang, S(358987)

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