425. Bitters & Love @ North Canal Road (Moved)

This place is one of my personal favourite, and I wanted to keep it a secret. But well, good things are meant to be shared right? Bitters & Love share the same space as Shoebox Canteen so it’s an eatery by day and a bar hidden by night. There isn’t much signage other than the faint laughter you hear at the door and busy concoction of cocktails once you step inside. I love this place for its bespoke drinks, good quality liquor and young and friendly crew who make you feel like home even if you are first time there.

Try sitting at the bar if you are alone or just had one friend with you. It’s so much fun to watch the bartenders at work

Love Truffle Chips

Macho Nacho

Salami Pizza

Don’t expect too much for the food. The truffle chips are decent. Ask for more cheese for the nacho, and just simply skip the rest

Kaya Toast Cocktail

One of their signatures. It’s a lovely drink that simply tastes like kaya toast

Banana Pancakes Cocktail

Another signature. It comes in a jar, and this wooden cup is your drink. A smokey rendition of banana pancakes. Simply wonderful

Bespoke: The friend wanted something fruity, light & rum so he got a pomegranate cocktail

Bespoke: Asked for something fun and here’s what I got. Dragonfruit cocktail with roasted marshmallow. I really did roast the marshmallow

Bartender’s creation: Apple Pie Cocktail. Something Naz created and it was amazing

Bespoke: Peanut Butter Cocktail with Peanut Butter Toast

Well, not really recommended. You will not be able to finish the drink. lol

Bespoke: Watermelon Cocktail

Bespoke: Asked for something new & exotic. I got a tea cocktail (with absinthe) and cup dusted with lavender sugar. I’m blown away

Don’t you wish to visit the place after reading this? You can ask for anything and these guys work with seasonal fruits to bring you the best they could ever come up with. Durian, mangosteen, mango? How about sugar, spice & everything nice? One thing for sure, it’s a good place to chill and hang out for their drinks bring surprises everytime you visit.

Bitters & Love

36 North Canal Road S(059292)

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