424. Little Pancakes @ Upper Thomson Road

The friend was craving for pancakes so we went to visit Little Pancakes at Upper Thomson. It’s a tiny place that specialises in tiny pancakes. I figure they are probably a hit with kids with cute pancake posters and bright colours.

This phrase is like, so overused. Keep calm and have a cupcake, Keep calm and have a beer, Keep calm and eat pancakes.

Hazelnut Latte

The latte was pretty decent with a strong taste of hazelnut in it

Apple Yakult

The apple yakult, tasted like apply juice + yakult. It was something that you can make yourself at home. I think my latte is more value for money

So they have a list of savoury and sweet pancakes but judging from my experience with savoury pancakes, I decided I shall stick with sweet instead.

Gimme S’more Oreo

There was supposed to be oreo icecream but according to the staffs, their icecream machine was not ready (at 4pm?!) So I had nutella instead

The pancakes were buttery and fluffy. The marshmallows were a little toasted. But the whole combination just seems weird. It felt like taking different toppings and just putting them into a dish. I think perhaps the icecream would have made this a little better.

Big Fan of All Day Breakfast

It was a fairly decent breakfast pancake, that honestly doesn’t seem like it needs much effort to whip up this dish

Even though it is a good novelty idea and the pictures look absolutely presentable, I wouldn’t specially made a trip down for them. But I guess it’s one place to hold kids’ birthday parties or just have a teatime snack if you are in the area. Their pancakes are good but nowhere spectacular.

Little Pancakes

200 Upper Thomson Road

#01-04 Thomson Imperial Court S(574424)

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