428. Riders Cafe

The friend and I had a date to climb Bukit Timah before it closes in September for restoration. It was a very anti-climatic climb since there was nothing to see and the climb lasted 1.5 hrs mins back and forth. And since we are in the vicinity, we decided to pay Riders Cafe a visit. We had to wait about 20 minutes since we went without reservation so we went to the stable to see the horses.

My white horse! Where’s my Prince Charming?? 😀

The horse looks like it’s enjoying the cold wash

An attempt to get a photo with the horse

And 20 minutes later..

You can smell the natural scent of the horses from the stables nearby

The thing about Riders is, there’s no aircon. So if you can’t take eating in room temperature then it’s not a place for you

Sunrise Smoothie

Boston Iced Tea

Both drinks were good. The smoothie had a strong taste of banana, mixed with yoghurt. The iced tea was flowery and very refreshing for a hot and humid day

Brioche French Toast w Burnt Bananas, Smoked Bacon & Maple Butter

The toast won me over. The burnt bananas were awesome. There was a thin layer of caramelised sugar so when you have it together with the bananas, it was burnt, sweet & crackling. The smoked bacon was fantastic. It was very crispy but yet not hard. One of the better toasts I’ve tried so far

The ‘Usual’

A very generous portion. The friend said the scrambled eggs were one of the best she had

Our food 😉

Death by Chocolate Cake

It’s really death by chocolate cake. I think this is something that can only be finished by 10 pax. The cake is too chocolatey, so after a few bites you will completely stop. For those who’s a BIG fan of chocolate, do give it a try

Brunch is pretty good here. The only downside is this place is really inaccessible. Our attempt to walk out to the main road got saved by a really friendly couple who offered us a ride all the way to the bus stop. (sheesh, there’s humanity in sg! lol) I think it’s a place to go if you are looking for a break from the hustle of city life. Just some good food and horses to keep you company for the day.

Riders Cafe

51 Fairways Drive S(286965)

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