429. Tian Kee & Co

Dakota brings back lots of fond and common memories between the friend and I, as our grandparents used to live there and we spent our childhood there growing up. My guess is alot of you out there probably shared the same sentiments like oh! my grandparent used to live there too! As we walked past the same but different neighbourhood, we reminisce worrying about the old and creaking lift whether it will break down when we took them, playing with the cats downstairs or just spending time at the sandy playground (that is depleting in numbers now). And also, going to the provision shop to buy tikam and ice pops. I doubt you can find any of the provision shop there now, one of which is taken over by Tian Kee & Co, a cafe inspired by its environment serving some fuss-free bites & drinks.

It’s a very kallang airport kinda of cafe. haha I can’t find a better description for this place. The stools are those you used in your grandparent’s place. Even the rack and tableware will remind you of old times.

Yuanyang Cheesecake, Pink Lady (Iced) & Flat White

It’s supposed to be bandung but the portion of rose syrup was greater than the milk. And probably since they were not using condensed milk, this drink was a little far off the bandung drink. So don’t expect the taste of bandung if you order this

The coffee was pretty forgettable

I believed this is supposed to be one of their signature. The taste of the yuan yang was very light, so much I can’t figure what’s the selling point of this cake.

This place is only good if you live in the area and looking for somewhere to chill. The food is mediocre and not worth an intentional visit.

Tian Kee & Co

12 Dakota Crescent, S(390012)

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