430. Sunday Market

Nope, you don’t have to go on Sunday to be at Sunday Market. This cafe is opened from Monday to Sunday so you can have lunch or dinner whenever you like. Sunday market is one of those cafes located in the North-East area which is a plus point for those staying in the NE side, and it’s not that far a walk from the mrt station (double yay). The place feels very countryside inspired with its greens, wooden decoration and its cute little plates and the menu is very random. It has a little of everything from French, Italian & Thai.

I was trying to use the AV mode on my camera which explains this random photo here


The wine surprises. It’s pretty decent

Skinny Wings & Truffle Fries

They only have one small bite on their menu, which is their skinny wings & truffle fries. Not that difficult to make a selection if you are looking for small bites. That being said, the fries were infused with truffle oil and is pretty addictive. The wings, are really skinny and can’t really fill you but they are a good complement to the fries for an alternative dish

Roasted Duck w Garlic Hoisin Crispy Eggs

This is a very interesting dish. The sauce reminds me of peking duck, the crispy hoisin looks like pork floss and the pancake reminds me of macdonald’s. It might not have the prettiest presentation but the pancakes work surprisingly well and is good to share for 2 pax. I just didn’t like the pork floss look alike thing

Crispy Duck Leg Confit

Very very good. The skin was absolutely crispy and the meat was tender. The sauce might not be the most amazing sauce you tried, but it gels everything together

Sirloin Rendang Toast

I wanted to try it cos it sounds interesting. The toasts were dry and a little hard. It felt like they toasted them too long

To be honest, I don’t eat rendang often so I’m not sure if this dish fares above expectation. In my opinion, the gravy was okay but not amazing. The meat could be more tender

Bangkok Toast

It might not compare to the one you have in Bangkok, but this was pretty decent. I like how well it went with the milk tea icecream. It was awesome

Just to see how the inside is like. Creamy, soft & burnt

Waffles w Pistachio & Yubari Melon Gelato

The waffles were hard. Pistachio was faint. The melon gelato was overpowering. I think their pancakes fare much better

Thai Dessert

I actually enjoyed this dessert. The coconut sago mixed with the peanut & mango icecream just works very well. Though towards the end of the dessert when the icecream starts to melt and I decided to play with my food, I felt like I was eating mango pomelo dessert

It’s a good cafe to explore, with really decent food though the aircon isn’t very strong at certain parts of the cafe. Just order the right stuff and you will leave the place a happy man/woman

Sunday Market

22 Lim Tua Tow Road, S(547772)

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