431. Yan Ting Restaurant @ St. Regis

When one speaks of Yan Ting, one will immediately think of its popular weekend dim sum brunch buffet that goes at $98++ (not inclusive of drinks) but considering my family members are all small eaters, I figure we shouldn’t do the buffet. We will probably suffer from indigestion if we even managed to finish 1/3 of their menu. So, ala carte it shall be!

*Pardon the photos quality

The place is rather grand and elegant with lots of nice paintings

Crispy Roasted Pork

The roasted pork is really immensely crispy that goes *cracccckk* when you chew it in your mouth. It carries alot of flavours and juice and the meat was tender and chewy. Though I’m sure it was cos of this roasted pork that caused me a sore throat thereafter. But it’s worth it. ha

Hong Kong-style Pan-seared Radish Cake

The pan-seared radish cake was pretty fragrant and likeable by all. It was crispy and you can taste the sweetness of the radish

Pork & Century Egg Congee

The congee was very fine and bland, the fried dough was hard but the pork was excellent. It was smooth and very tender

Barbecued Pork Pastry w Almond

I thought this was quite good too. The barbecued pork wasn’t too sweet and the pastry was buttery and flaky. You can taste the crunch of the almond though not too much of its flavours

Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumpling w Bamboo Pith

AH. This was excellent. The skin was so thin and chewy and the prawns were fresh and succulent

Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling w Black Truffles

The siewmai was a little disappointing. It was rather normal and I couldn’t taste the black truffles at all

Steamed Chicken Claw w Bitter Gourd in Black Bean Sauce

And so was the steamed chicken claw. The parents claimed this was nothing spectacular

Handmade Steamed Rice Roll (with Barbecued Pork)

The barbecued pork was a little hard and I didn’t like the texture of the steamed rice roll here

Mini Egg Tarts

Though the crust was good, the fillings was short of expectation. It would be better if they were more egg-y and creamier (and sweeter). I definitely tasted better egg tarts elsewhere

Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Bun

Whatever happened to my filling?? It’s supposed to be bursting and overflowing when you peel the bun open. That aside, it really tasted like salted egg yolk + bun. To be honest, I cannot sense the effort here

Crispy Beancurd Roulette w Shrimps and Seaweed

I love crispy beancurd roll but looking at this picture, I can’t remember how the taste is like. *tries triggering my memory again* Okay no, this dish is simply just forgettable

I’m not sure if I set my expectations too high for a place so renowned for their dim sum buffet or simply their standard is inconsistent. Or maybe, they fare better in their meat, seafood and vegetable dishes rather than dim sum. Out of 11 dishes, more than half came back disappointing. Yan Ting, probably once is enough.

Yan Ting Restaurant 宴庭

29 Tanglin Road S(247911)

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