432. Sprigs @ Purvis Street

Sprigs, a place so cozy and nicely done in the heart of Purvis street was picked to celebrate my farewell. The colleague went there once and had some fabulous food so we decided to go ahead and try this restaurant serving European cuisine. Their menu changed as we don’t see the ones we saw from their website. Nevertheless we anticipate what this restaurant could bring us.

A relatively quiet place as compared to their neighbour, Saveur

The revamped menu

Cauliflower Veloute

The soup was decent. Though I can’t really taste the parmesan cheese in it

Salmon Carpaccio

The salmon carpaccio was a good starter. Salmon was sliced thinly and the citrus vinaigrette provided some acidity to the sweetness of the fish

Pan Seared Foie Gras

Foie gras was good but I thought it was a little dry. It would be better it they didn’t drizzle the sauce on top of it so that we can taste the full flavour of the foie gras

Spicy Seafood Linguine

Probably the best dish out of all. A simple pasta of chilli, garlic & white wine and you can taste the sweetness of the seafood in the broth

Duck Leg Confit

Duck Leg Confit can be either a total successful or an absolutely failed dish. You need the skin to be crispy yet the meat to be tender. Flavours must be rightly balanced in order to musk the raw duck taste. However, the friend said the skin was not worth the calories and the meat was a little undercooked. I think Sunday Market does it much better. You can read my reviews here

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

The portion was small. Though the dish was executed fairly well, the portion probably is not worth the price

Pan Seared Snapper

I was rather disappointed with this dish. The fish had a fairly strong fishy taste. I tried again and again however the taste just gets stronger each time it goes into my mouth. The meat was overcooked to the point it does not taste like fish meat. I had 5 bites and I stopped

Cape Grim Angus Ribeye

We asked for medium rare, it came back well done. For a $38 dish, it’s a total waste of meat and money

We probably ordered half of what they had in their menu and I think I could conclude pretty well. This place had put in alot of effort on their presentation but I wished they had done the same for their quality of the food and of course, then maintained the consistency of it. With such quality and inconsistency, I think they probably need to change half of their menu again.


12 Purvis Street #01-01


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