433. Kith @ Quayside Isle

I think the first time I stepped into Kith and I fell in love with it. The location does wonders too. It makes you feel like you are not in Singapore. This place doesn’t take reservation so you key in your number and they will text you when they have a table ready for you. That being said, it is a fairly popular place, the only place that stood out from its fellow restaurants along the stretch with its insane crowd.

Coffee for the morning souls

Flat White

3/4 Latte

The friend decided to try something different. The coffee were good – bitter, sweet & fragrant. The milk and the coffee blends together and is smooth on the palate

Truffle Fries

Somewhat disappointing. And it took very long to come. They could have added more truffle oil and it would be perfect

Cajun Scrambled Eggs w Brioche Toast

A yummy plate of wonderful goodness. The mozzarella and capsicum gave contrast and surprise to a simple plate of scrambled eggs. The black truffle.. fares better as a decorative purpose

Salmon & Eggs

A generous portion. The spicy tomato beans were cooked well and the sauce was appetising. I like how the salmon goes with the multigrain toast, though you can’t really taste much of the caviar

It’s a place for ambience and good food. And the food (minus the fries) comes out at amazing speed. I think it easily makes it to one of my top brunch places which I probably won’t mind going back. Though it might not be the most accessible place (since it’s in sentosa) but I sincerely think it’s worth the trip

Kith @ Sentosa Cove

31 Ocean Way, #01-08

Quayside Isle S(098375)

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