415. Woodshed 204 (Rangoon Road) (Closed)

This quiet, cozy place at Rangoon road is just 3 months old. It’s a little down further away from Jewel Cafe & Bar and only serve a few items on its menu. The boss told us he didn’t want to be too ambitious in its opening stage. The interior is a little quirky, with funky and bright furniture adding colours to the place. They even had a small apparel section at one corner for you to shop while you enjoy the food.

The pretty rainbow cake on display. Apparently it is their signature cake #howcanyouresist


I like the roast of their coffee beans. The boss told us this is a 2 body coffee where you get to appreciate the milk first, followed by the coffee. We didn’t know there is so much knowledge behind one cup of coffee. haha

Fruity Waffles w Contessa Grey Tea

The waffles were soft, and not very crispy. But that being said, I enjoyed them. The waffles had a taste of orange zest in it which I thought was different and refreshing

Rainbow Cake

In all honesty, rainbow cake is just sponge cake but the colours are attractive enough to make you buy them. The rainbow cake here is different cos they used chocolate instead of cream in between layers. It felt as if you were eating a chocolate fudge cake

Though this place is young and has room for improvement, they serve some decent food and coffee. If you are in the area and looking for a quiet place to chill and kill time, this is one good place to consider.

Woodshed 204

204 Rangoon Road S(218451)

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