414. Stateland Cafe

It’s brunch date with Z again! Cafes are so abundant everywhere now you just have to close your eyes and choose one. Stateland Cafe located at Bali Lane is opened by 3 guys and their place was a cozy, tiny, vintage-themed cafe. Service was okay but considering it was rather empty. I don’t know how it would be like if it’s full-house.

A standout among all the restaurants/bars along Bali Lane

That’s the size of their place

Don’t worry if you go there alone, you can have a craftholic toy to keep you company. HEE

Flat white & Cafe Latte

Coffee was rather bland

Brunch 🙂

Statelander’s Big Breakfast

Like how big breakfast should look like with eggs, toast, tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms and sausage. The toast was a little dry but overall, it was decent and delicious

 The Classic Waffle w Icecream

We read reviews their waffles were disappointing so we were a little hesitant. But after tasting it, we were like huh? not nice meh? quite nice what! haha I guess it’s subjective, and personal preference. We like their waffles, but would prefer if they kept their maple syrup in a little container so that we could pour the amount we want. 人老了,不能吃太甜. lol

It’s an interesting cafe that serves honey toast with all sorts of topping and red velvet waffles. I think is one that’s worth visiting 😉 And for those who are worried about their small space, well, they are taking over the shop next door! (YAY)

Stateland Cafe

30 Bali Lane, s(189866)

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