416. in Italy (Craig Road)

A dinner with the cousins landed us at in Italy, after we realised Valentino was full. It’s on the same street as Pasta Brava so having 2 Italian restaurants near each other seems like a good comparison. The restaurant was empty when I reached but it was gradually filled by the time we left.

Bread Basket which consists of Sliced Loaf & Gnocco Fritto

The bread was good. I like the Gnocco Fritto. It was crispy on the sides and the hollow dough was soft, warm and very fragrant.

Thin Oven-baked Dough w Teleggio Cheese, Parma Ham, Olives & Radicchio

I thought we had ordered parma ham with rockmelon so when this came I was momentarily confused. It turned out the cousin had ordered a different thing. I didn’t really enjoy the crostini. Maybe it just wasn’t too my liking. It felt like eating a very thin and crispy pizza

Sauteed Mussels & Clams w White Wine, Garlic & Parsley

The vongole was wonderful. The broth was light & sweet and the seafood was fresh. It was one dish that got our appetite

Squid Ink Tonnarelli

Love this squid ink pasta that had a twist of Singapore. The lobster was sweet and fresh, the vegetables added balance and the spiciness in the pasta gave flavours

Risotto w Talegio Cheese & Grated Truffle

It was the black truffle promotion so we gave this a try. Honestly, it was rather disappointing. The rice was hard and I can’t seem to distinguish the taste of truffle in it, so the dish was barely touched.

Rose Liqueur Souffle

Tiramisu Classic

The desserts were excellent. So yummy we wiped off every bit of it.

While Pasta Brava was more of classic Italian cooking, this place serves some decent Italian food, with a Singapore twist. Both places are worth visiting but I think I would love to give in Italy another try. Their menu looks fairly interesting.

in Italy

38 Craig Road S(089676)

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