400. BAM! Tapas-Sake Bar

Spanish and Japanese may seem like a strange combination, but the fusion of the two was just surprising and enticing. BAM, a tapas-sake bar located at the seemingly popular Tras street is one such example. Made reservation for dinner and we were seated at the counter where all the action unfolds.

We were early 😉 10 minutes later, the whole place starts to fill. I would say it is popular among expats and locals

When they mentioned sake by the glass, I certainly wasn’t expecting a wine glass. And if you decided to order by the bottle, you can go to the chiller and choose the sake you prefer

Kampong Egg with Baby Sotong and Chorizo

You break the egg, which was cooked beautifully. Mix the yolk together with the sotong and eat it. The sotong was nicely fried and the combination with the yolk was perfect

Beef Tongue w Zucchini Flower & Bottarga

Tongue was tender. It felt like marshmallow haha

Pasta “A La Plancha” w Prawns and Sake Butter

This is probably the first time I’ve tried grilled pasta. Pasta was crispy and soft. Prawns were amazing

Enjoy watching the chefs at work

Tamago Sake, Lemon Zest Icecream & Banana

Dessert was simple but delightful. I like how the faint acidic taste of lemon in the ice cream balanced by the sweetness of the banana

Food at BAM just hit the mark. Though you may have to order more than one to fill full since the portion is small given it is a tapas. But it is definitely a place worth going back. And I love sake, so who says Japanese and Spanish can’t go together?

BAM! Tapas-Sake Bar

38 Tras Street S(078977)

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