331. Lime House @ Jiak Chuan Road

This post officially kickstarts my month long celebration of birthday lunches and dinners. You don’t normally find restaurants serving Carribean food in Singapore so Lime House is probably one of the few. But honestly, none of us have tried Carribean food before so armed with an adventurous attitude, here we go!

The servers were really attentive, probably over attentive. It’s one of the few restaurants our glasses are never empty and the plates go as fast as it comes.

Lime House “Wings n’ Tings”

A fairly normal chicken dish that tastes like bbq chicken wings


Barra Bread with curried Chickpeas. This feel like a typical Indian dish. Naan and curry, you get the drift. But it’s a little oily and hard

Jerk Chicken

It’s like an enhanced version of the starter. haha The skin was a little crispier here and the sweet potato puree is good enough though, the dish is definitely easily forgettable

Catch of the Carribean

The pan seared sea bass is our favourite. Seared beautifully, and together with spicy creole sauce, it was appetising and addictive.

Macaroni Pie

It is really a pie, just filled with macaroni. Felt abit cheated when they say it was mac and cheese cos it tasted nothing like that. A little too dry in my opinion.

“Piton” Choc Cake

The chocolate cake could be softer with more lava in it

Deconstructed Pina Colada

This is damn good. Deconstructed, but still as tasty. The coconut custard and pineapple compote was just addictive

Freshly Baked Banana Cake

A must order. The cake was soft and moist. The rum caramel provided a nice touch to the dessert.

I guess Carribean food can be broadly defined. Some of the dishes tasted very Asian, some with a hint of Western. The portion in my opinion is a little small though. I don’t think it is filling enough. And if I say it’s not filling, it is really not filling.

Lime House

2 Jiak Chuan Road S(089260)

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