332. Tatsu @ Asia Square

Tatsu used to occupy at Chijmes, then it closed for renovations and now it opened at Asia Square, opening its doors to the people at CBD area. So we went there for my dinner, wanting to try their teppanyaki set. The friend ordered a sushi set so that I can take more pictures. hehe #ilovemyfriends

The place was pretty quiet for weekday dinner, but it’s totally the opposite for weekday lunch. I mean most people probably just want to leave their workplace once work ends

Salmon Sashimi

Ordered extra portion of sashimi cos the friend loves salmon

Homemade Century Tofu

I really like this pitan tofu, though it’s definitely too much for one person. The portion is okay, but you’ll get sick of it after awhile. Sharing between 2 people is just right.

Unagi Avacado Maki

Sushi Set

Baby Sardines

Not for the faint hearted. I don’t really know how to appreciate it. haha


Deep fried Meat and Mushroom

It would have been perfect if there is cheese oozing out 😀

White Radish with Squid

Salmon Don

The don was good. I like the rice was lightly vinegared, mixed with sesame and seaweed. Soft, yet crunchy and together with the sweetness of the sashimi, it was well balanced.

Clam Soup

The clam soup is really nice. Sweet and flavourful

Teppanyaki Set


Pretty ordinary


I simply adore this salmon teppanyaki. It feels very home cooked. The dish was simple and tasty I finished every drop of the broth

King Prawn

It was very fresh. You can tell by the texture and crunchiness of the prawn. The garlic and the sauce, together with the prawn was delicious

Beef (Medium Rare)

The meat was well cooked. Though it would be nice if they could provide sea salt at the side. The dish lacked a little something

Garlic Fried Rice

It was disappointing. The rice was not fragrant enough


I don’t take bean sprouts so the friend finished all for me. haha

Red Bean Jelly with Roasted Almond

Though there were no beans in it, there was a very strong red bean texture in the jelly. The roasted almond paired off very well, it is simple yet not so ordinary.

Went back on another occasion for birthday lunch and ordered their sushi and sashimi set. It came with their pitan tofu and a small tempura platter

The pitan tofu was really too much for me to handle (though it looks very small here). You can give the tempura a miss, nothing worth trying. I think the sushi fare the best out of all. Somehow, I didn’t enjoy lunch as much as I did for dinner. I tried a little of the friend’s teppanyaki set (for lunch) it didn’t taste as stunning as what I had. Maybe cos it’s lunch hours and they have to rush through everything?

I would recommend their dinner but the price may be a little steep #3clamsfor$12 #notkidding


Asia Square Tower 2

12 Marina View, #02-16 S(018961)

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  1. The dinner item really looks yummy. Asia Square looks like a new food heaven with lots of restaurants there. I should drag my lazy legs and check out the place.


    1. irisslove says:

      Yup! The dinner is good, but can be quite expensive 🙂


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