330. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Tokyo

Lunch at L’Atelier was probably one of the most impromptu decision but glad we made the trip down. The original plan was to dine at L’Table so we went to the Yebisu Garden Place. It’s a beautiful chateau where the restaurants were housed in, if not for the faded painting and dirty walls. They really should repaint the chateau. Anyways, the place was full and since we did not make reservations prior, we left and made our way to L’Atelier at Roppongi instead hoping we may get lucky there.

A hint of Paris

Just have to take an ootd shot

They only had tables at 1pm so we waited since we had all the time

I actually do enjoy sitting at the counter seats much more where you get to watch the action.

Menu at L’Atelier the same with L’Table

Bread Basket

We had to control ourselves from finishing all these lest we were too full for the rest of our course

Miso Marinated Tuna on Crispy Crostini

Appetiser. This was really yummy. The pairing of the tuna on the crostini was perfect. A simple dish but not so ordinary taste

Cauliflower Creamy Soup with Iberico Ham and Croutons

Starter, mine. Creamy yet enjoyable. Not too heavy, you will have no qualms finishing the whole bowl. The Iberico ham gave a nice flavour to the dish

Half-boiled Egg with an Eggplant compote flavoured with Tomato and Cumin

Starter, hers. I guess she enjoyed her starter as much as I enjoyed mine. We were just taking in the time enjoying our dishes

Pan-fried Duck Liver and Parmesan Cheese Rissoto (+ ¥1,680)

Main, mine. I can never say no to foie gras. When I said I wanted foie gras, J was like ‘I knew it’ HAHA

Foie Gras so well cooked. Taut and sweet. The cheese risotto was a surprise. The texture and softness of the rice was nicely done and when you eat the whole thing together, it tasted absolutely delicious.

Pork Belly and Knuckle braised and served with Mustard Potatoes

Main, hers. The pork was really tender. A dish that was greatly loved

Dark Chocolate Ganache served with a Cocoa Sherbet and Bitter Biscuit Powder

Desserts, mine. Everything that spells chocolate. The hard ring of milk chocolate, the next layer of bitter chocolate biscuit followed by a cocoa sherbet at the end. A delight for chocolate lovers cos the chocolate is really rich. haha

Tahitian Vanilla Caramelized Custard

Desserts, hers. In simplified terms, it’s known as creme brûlée. I think you will have an immediate sugar rush eating this. lol The sweetness of the egg custard though, was balanced by the raspberry ice-cream.

A not so surprising surprise. I actually asked if they could put a birthday candle on my dessert since it’s my birthday. They gave me a complimentary dessert instead. Joyeux Anniversaire, Happy Birthday in French

Happy birthday to me 🙂

Though it was a very simple dessert of yoghurt and mango sherbet, the presentation on the whole just looked so beautiful I was really happy with it.

Tea to end the meal. The tea, was really bland though..

They took a photo of us and printed for our keepsake. So thoughtful 🙂

Words cannot express how awesome this meal was. But I think what makes the whole experience so enjoyable was the service. Our server was really nice and attentive and he really took time to explain each dish to us even though he knew we have difficulty understanding. And when we left, they helped us put our coats on and walked us out #likeseriously I had no doubt Japan really has the best customer service ever. Everyone should just come here for their lunch. It’s value for money haha

Total cost: ¥11,968

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 6−10−1

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