Travelogue: Japan Part 4

Finally down to the last part of my travelogue. I’m getting very tired haha. The amount of photos and effort just to pen one entry is crazy. The day started with us exploring our neighbourhood since we don’t normally get the chance. As most of the time when we left the hotel to start the day, the shops were not opened and by the time we were back, the shops were already closed. Our neighbourhood is really a small and nice area, with streets lined with mostly eateries so you don’t have to worry about going hungry.

Pretty little flowers

We decided to have breakfast at one of those starbucks-alike coffee place and chose one that has the most interesting menu.

I guess it was still early as the cafe was pretty quiet except for a few people. Sitting at the window will be a good place to just you know people watch and at that time, you will probably see the bulk of salarymen/women rushing to work.

Sesame coffee with egg and ham sandwich

The sesame coffee was absolutely delicious. So fragrant you can really taste the sesame in it

Toast set with brown sugar coffee

This is a very good normal toast. It was very crispy and buttery and the warmth of the toast just fills your stomach

Spent: ¥1,430

Precious Moments Coffee
〒105-0012 Tokyo, Minato, Shibadaimon, 2 Chome−4−1
Spent the rest of the day buying souvenir since we are going home soon. The fourth level of Tokyo Sky Tree sells all sorts of souvenirs so it’s a good place to shop (if you are thinking of buying snacks back) I realised they do really know how to make money. First they have limited edition Tokyo Sky Tree Tokyo Banana which was the chocolate cream flavour and then they have the limited edition Narita Airport Tokyo Banana which was the caramel flavour. We bought so much snacks back we could have just opened a mama shop #nojoke

You cannot miss this store. It’s right there

The limited edition Tokyo Skytree. I prefer the original one though =x

Hiyoko is something you can consider buying back too cos it’s too cute

It looks like this

Evening was spent exploring Ginza, buying my baobao and just taking photos of the quaintest buildings ever

Wako building which probably is the most iconic building with the seiko clock on it

Shiseido in Japan sells pastries, unbelievable. And they are famous for? Cheesecakes

Just some of the pastries on display.

We wanted to try Gyu-an Kobe beef but sadly it was full. So we made our way to Tokyo ramen street since we haven’t really had a bowl of ramen in Japan ever since we landed (can you believe it?!) lol #justtoomuchstuffstoeat #weneedmoredaysintokyo

Tokyo Ramen Street, located at Tokyo station provides a one stop, hassle free solution to those ramen seekers. But we were a little overwhelmed cos we didn’t know which exit will lead us to the place. So armed with a little Japanese, I decided to approach the station master to ask for directions. And he directed, then I translated and the friend was so shocked I could understand fully what he say. I was also so surprised myself. hahaha I think my Japanese improved leaps and bounds there.

Walk towards the Yaesu underground exit, and just walk all the way to the end. You will actually find a lot restaurants along the way

Entrance of Tokyo Ramen Street

All the ramen stalls there

Since we didn’t know which stall is good, we decided to follow the one with the longest queue. And here you go, Ramen Honda

Very excited to use the machine. We spent 10 minutes figuring how to use this #damnhilarious #supersuaku

So anyway after you got your tickets, you can proceed to go to the queue

I got the famous shoyu based and the friend got the shio based

A very small and simple shop with everyone just concentrating on their ramen

Shoyu Ramen

A concise bowl of extreme goodness. The broth is made using chicken and fish and tasted really good. You’ll find cut chilli in it but don’t worry, it’s not spicy. I don’t know if that’s for decoration purposes though. haha The shio was really refreshing and light and had a faint taste of citrus.

I never see ramen stalls being so generous with their charsiu. They had 4 big slices and each cut was this thick.

My favourite part of ramen. The egg. Cook me the perfect egg and I may just fall in love with you. haha 😉

It was the best tasting ramen I had ever though… I got really really thirsty after that -__- It costs ¥1,100 for a bowl

Ramen Honda

1-9-1 Maronuchi, First Avenue Tokyo Station, Ichibangai Basement Floor, 22 (by B1F Yaesu South Exit), Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

And it’s time to go back to reality. We got the airport limousine bus (¥3,100 per pax) to send us to the airport since we had heavy luggages with us

Morning sky

And first, we have to drop off our wifi which we rented. There are lots of mailboxes in the airport so fear not.

Breakfast was a simple fare of bread, eggs and sausages. There’s actually nothing to eat after you go through immigration. So eat at the restaurants before you go in. #lessonlearnt

We bought food on our flight back prior, and we were thankful we did. If not we would be so hungry since there’s absolutely no time to eat at Taoyuan airport. I thought I could eat my 鲁肉饭 😦

The beef curry which was quite bad. The friend said the mushroom and chicken tasted better but then, it somehow tasted like lor mai gai haha

Caramelized onion and beef wrap. It was cold, but it definitely tasted better than beef curry. Sad to say, Scoot’s food cannot make it. We should just stick with cup noodles #honestlyspeaking

And that’s it!

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