329. Aoyama Flower Tea Market, Tokyo

Aoyama Flower Tea Market is probably the prettiest place to have tea ever. It’s like stepping into a different sanctuary with flowers blooming all over the place. The café is hidden inside the shop so you have to step inside to discover.

It was interesting most of the customers were ladies, just simply chatting and sipping a cup of their flower tea

Sad to disappoint, this is fake. haha

Our tea – Bora Bora/Kimono

In Japan, they give you a timer before you drink so that you know your tea is set and ready to go

Flower parfait

The desserts are like an art. So pretty we don’t know where to start eating from.

Flower French Toast

Never tasted fresh toast as good as these. Crispy on the outside with some burnt, fluffy on the inside with the wonderful egg aroma. It was so delicious we ordered a second plate

French Toast

Just. Simply. Amazing

Mix it with your own cream and add a dash of cinnamon

You need to order the french toast if you are there. So good you’ll understand why we ordered a second time. Like the table beside us kept harping (about us) ‘No wonder they ordered a second plate’ ‘难怪她们叫两盘’

We understand english and mandarin perfectly #justsaying #youdonthavetokeepsaying

Spent: ¥4,104

Aoyama Flower Tea Market

〒107-0062 Tokyo, Minato, Minamiaoyama, 5 Chome−1−2, 青山エリービル1F

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