315. Wang Dae Bak Korean Restaurant

I heard about this place being famous for their bbq meat but cravings for army stew brought us here and I’m glad it didn’t disappoint. I think it’s probably one of the better ones located in Telok Ayer/Amoy area, in terms of quality and portion.

The button really works. FYI

Super awesome side dishes

Seafood pancake

It was so huge we got a shock when it came

And the highlight

My fav part of army stew: Tofu

I know I’m weird, hahaha it’s okay. Each to their own preference 😀

We were 3 very happy girls after the whole meal, though clearly we couldn’t finish what we ordered. So we brought back for our colleagues which they happily finished the pancake for us.

Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant

98 Amoy Street S(069918)