216. Cafe Gavroche @ Tras Street

It’s always happy to blog about a good cafe after having all the mediocre ones. It wasn’t my intention to make a trip down specially but cos Z had her dental appointment nearby so I thought of just lunching in the vicinity. Chanced upon this cafe upon googling about Tanjong Pagar so here we go!

There isn’t much signage other than this small lil picture outside

but it’s really pretty inside

Makes you feel like you are really in Paris

Tisane Du Berger

A mixture of Green tea, Camomile & Earl Grey. It tastes like normal tea on first taste, but it gets better afterwards when the aroma comes out. You can taste the flavour of the tea fully

Cafes and their bucket of cutlery. I find it very zo teng (hindering). LOL


It would be better if it’s toasted. Maybe we should have requested for it

Ocufs Benedict

YUMS. It sums up the whole plate. HAHA. Love everything about it, from the bread to the potato πŸ™‚

Tartine D’Ocufs Brouilles, Oignons Caramelises

which means, French style open-faced country bread with scrambled eggs & onion marmelade. It’s so good.

Our brunch πŸ˜€

Glad we chanced upon this quaint Parisan cafe early. Who knows it will get so popular next time? πŸ™‚

Cafe Gavroche

69 Tras Street


Headed off to a Mootaka feast with the gang at Golden Mile. It’s my first time having thai steamboat but sadly, I don’t really enjoy it. I prefer my normal soupy steamboat anytime hahaha but oh wells, it’s an experience.

Not having this ever again. HAHA

And we ended up cabbing to Liang Seah street for desserts cos we were not full. lol

5 bowls of goodness. YUMS

Thats all from me! ❀

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