215. Lao Beijing @ Orchard Central

The friends wanted to try Kilo @ Pact originally but sadly, it was not opened on Monday so we headed over to the less crowded Lao Beijing for some chinese food. Made a decision to go for the ala carte dinner buffet cos we thought it was a pretty reasonable price for a buffet and maybe cos we were soo hungry at that point of time. Honestly speaking, the buffet was really not that shabby. The food was pretty decent so yes, we were happy diners that day 🙂

The place isn’t very big but service was top notched. The servers were very attentive. There was a moment I dropped my chopsticks  and by the time I picked them up, they came back with a new pair without me asking. Me and my friends were like =O HAHA but maybe cos it was a weekday and there wasn’t much diners to start with. But still, it’s service like this that matters.

A range of food they have

We totally dig in this cucumbers. yums

Seafood bisque which tastes like your typical sharks fin soup. haha

I know you must find it strange we order popiah. But what is even stranger is they serve popiah in the first place. haha so we gave it a try since it is their ‘famous popiah’ We love it. The skin, the ingredients down to the chilli sauce. I highly recommend no chilli for those who can’t take a lil bit of spice cos it was so damn spicy we have to keep eating the cucumbers to calm us down. lol our only advice is maybe they could have serve in smaller portion! It was a task to finish the whole popiah after so much food has gone into our tummy.

Ice cream puffs and

Mango pomelo for desserts.

Recommended: Cucumbers, Braised tofu, Guo Tie, XLB (though a lil more salty), Zhajiang noodles, Popiah.

The rest of the food were pretty normal (for a Tung Lok grp of restaurant) but for a $24 dinner (after tax), I would say this surprises pleasantly and it’s pocket friendly! 🙂

Lao Beijing

181 Orchard Road, #07-14/15

Orchard Central

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