214. Selfish Gene Cafe

I find it quite amusing why the name is as such. Nevertheless, paid a visit to the place cos my friends wanna try their brunch. The place doesnt accept reservations but thankfully of the wet weather, there was not much crowd that day.

They placed your change back into the cup which acts as your table number as well

Cafe Latte w a very tiny cookie

Bagel w scrambled eggs

The bagel was a lil hard to cut but that being said, nothing really stands out w this dish


Which is basically egg benny. The rest of them decided to go for the egg bens. I tried a bit of it. It’s not bad but then again, I’m not really a big fan of poached eggs. haha but according to Z, it’s one of the better egg bens she had.

Banana Cake

W caramelized bananas, crumble & peanut butter sauce

Oh so yummyy.  I think it has a good balance of the peanut butter and banana with neither being too overpowering.

Brunch dates 🙂

Selfish Gene Cafe

40 Craig Road