217. The Retrospective @ Keong Saik

Visited The Retrospective w J for one monthly dinner some time ago. Located at Keong Saik road, the place isn’t difficult to locate and the crowd wasn’t much when we reached. Maybe it was attributed to the fact that it was a weekday, or maybe cos the place is new.

Quite a small & cozy place

Full Monty Pasty

We were so shocked when this came. I asked J ‘huh? you mean we ordered curry puff?’ LOL

This is how it was inside. So basically it’s bacon, sausage, eggs & beans in a pastry puff. Well, there’s nothing wow about it and it’s abit strange how some part of it is piping hot but another part can be sooo cold. Really have no idea.

Italian seafood stew

I think this is the first time I had Italian seafood stew. It’s not bad, I like it. But not that much that makes me wanna go back for it. And please do not order this on your first date. HAHA it’s.. not appropriate ah.

Got a brownie on the house cos the chef apologised for making us wait so long for our food. Plus point. YAY. haha

Hot chocolate fondant w icecream & nougat

J thought it was normal but I quite like the fondant. Very.. chocolatey. heh

Overall, this place fails to impress. 😦 Here’s the address!

The Retrospective

21 Keong Saik Road

One Comment Add yours

  1. Dick Chan says:

    “…some part of it is piping hot but another part can be sooo cold”

    Sounds like a microwave job to me.


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