218. Growing up

We were invited to a friend’s 21st birthday party at hard rock hotel last weekend and the theme was Hawaii! Honestly, I think the best thing about a themed party is an excuse to dress up, no matter how ridiculous you are, you have other people dressing up as ridiculous as you :p Met the girls earlier at Vivo before heading in together and here’s what A and I did while waiting for the others haha oops!


ootd 🙂

Okay I know lots of camwhoring. Hehe went up to visit the suite and it’s really pretty! 🙂 so more photos. Lol I mean, that’s the only thing we can do while waiting for the party to start right.

At the poolside where the party was held

And while waiting, it was a sudden realization that this is probably the last 21st party we will be attending cos.. we are really old already. Hahah okay I know we don’t look old but honestly, we are past that stage of 21st birthday parties. Everyone is leading a different phase of their lives now. Topic among us have progressed to work, bitching about colleagues, complaining about work load. It feels different and it dawned on us that the fact we are growing up, or rather we have grown so much from the time we knew one another. It’s scary. Though I’m very glad our class still remains tight-knit maybe our kids can all play and grow up with each other. Hahaha who knows right? 🙂

Ending w more photos of the night! Happy 21st S! I hope you enjoyed that day and thanks for inviting us!! 🙂

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