200. Restaurant week: Gattopardo Italian Grill & Pizzabar

The second restaurant I visited for restaurant week was Gattopardo, located at The Legends @ Fort Canning. Went there w the girls and guess what was our theme that day! haha

Parisan chic x Monochrome

I think we did pretty well, didnt we? :p

I went Gattopardo once with the colleagues and maybe cos I had such high expectations of them the food disappointed us this time round 😦 oh wells, here’s the menu that day anyways!

Going over the wine list

Appetiser: Pomelo salad w fennel, shallots & salt flakes

It’s interesting but nothing special. Definitely something you can make yourself at home =x

Starter: Barley w pumpkin, spicy monteporo pork

This, tastes like shit honestly. hahaha okays I know I’m mean but I dont think I know how to appreciate this starter. All of us didn’t even finish half of it. If they had changed the barley to pasta, this dish would probably be alot better. And the pork has a weird smell. I’m not saying it tastes bad but somehow, it was just not to our liking

Main: Spicy sicilian seafood soup

It’s not bad, not the best though. The fried fish and prawns save the day.

Main: Slow cooked Iberico pork jowl w leeks & potato

It’s actually the fatty part of the porks’ cheeks. Pretty tasty. Thankful it was a small portion cos it’s really quite fatty (& oily)

Desserts: Tiramisu sphere

Heh if the desserts didnt make up for it, I think this would definitely be a v bad meal. This tiramisu is really pretty good.

Yes, Gattopardo was disappointing. If I havent been there before, I would really strike them off in my memory haha. I still miss their squid ink lobster pasta w truffle. Oh wells.

ootd 🙂

Gattopardo Italian Grill & Pizzabar

11 Canning Walk

The Legends Fort Canning Park

Wanted to visit Tiong Bahru Bakery cos we were not satisfied w our meal but settled for Nana’s Green Tea @ Plaza singapura in the end cos it was nearer. The weather was really so hot that day! A cold drink and a nice environment would definitely be welcoming 🙂

the whites

and the blacks

The red bean drink is really nice! Their matcha w mochi was really bitter though. hahah I wouldnt recommend you to order them.  The matcha w caramel, well luckily for the caramel if not the drink would have gone down the drain too. lols

Well, the drinks are not cheap and there’s really nothing special. It costs $12 for a cup, so much more expensive than if you just get a green tea latte from starbucks. Will I visit again? Low probability, but I leave it up to you to decide.

Nana’s Green Tea Cafe

68 Orchard Road


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