199. Restaurant week: Stellar @ 1-Altitude

Hello! It’s restaurant week last week so we decided to take opportunity of the good deals they offered and have a good feast and also to celebrate SL’s last day! whoohoo! So we went Stellar @ 1-Altitude in the end. The view was really magnificent even in the day. I can’t imagine how pretty it would be at night. Sadly, we didn’t get a window seat but that’s alright. Okay peektures ahead!

Pretty packed for a weekday lunch

First course: Sashimi & sushi.

I like the salmon best. I mean, how can anything go wrong w salmon right? I don’t really fancy the sashimi, somehow it just missed the mark.

First course: Pan seared scallop w corn puree, quail egg & uni butter

Honestly, whats w fine dining & foam? haha

Main: French duck breast w celeriac puree, ratte potato, baby beets & pigeon jus

This decently surprises. Love how tender, fatty & juicy it is.

Main: Grilled tiger prawns w capellini, sakura ebi & lobster jus

The prawns are pretty good

Desserts: Wild strawberry pistachio mousse, katafi & sour cherry compote

My fav course out of all 3. Not just mainly I have a soft spot for desserts, but I think they have done the best in this segment as compared to the other 2

Desserts: Banana pecan pudding w roasted rice ice cream

This is good. I think SL would agree their desserts beats other courses too.

I think  Stellar is pretty good. Would definitely come back to visit (if I have the chance) another time to try the other food. But one thing I don’t like is the service. It’s so hard to catch their attention. Yes, it might be lunch time (but it was already past 1pm!) and they have this separate system of serving food to the table and bringing the food out from the kitchen. So sometimes you see more staffs waiting by the side than staffs helping them serve the food.

Congrats on your liberation! hehe

Thats it from me! ❤

Stellar @ 1-Altitude

1 Raffles Place


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