201. The Fabulous Baker Boy

Shall do a short post on The Fabulous Baker Boy! Went there w Mandy one of the weekend for a late brunch. Weather was hott (as usual) but the food was really good! They don’t have an extensive brunch menu but I think they go for quality than quantity. Well, the place is located opp Liang Court (kinda strange cos it’s like a stand alone cafe in the middle of nowhere kinda feeling). LOL

Feels like you are walking to a park amidst the construction going on

Never got to try their cakes. Im kinda sad but it’s okay, there’s always next time!

One of the nicest cider I’ve drank

Apple Cider Pancakes

ohmygosh. This tastes soo yummy. When the pancakes came, I can literally smell the fragrance + a lil burnt smell of it. I think other than Arbite’s sea salt caramel pancakes, this is the next to impress me

Eggs Bens

The bread was really tasty w the butter spread on it. I think it easily beats CFOB. heh

and.. thats all we ordered cos we were full already. LOL there wasn’t even space for dessert! I think TFBB has made it to one of my fav brunch places now. Would love to go back soon! 🙂 But one bad thing was it’s not air conditioned, so be prepared to brave the heat!

The Fabulous Baker Boy

70 River Valley Road

#01-15 The Foothills

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